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Redrum Autographs has one of the biggest and finnest collection of authentic Historical and True crime collectibles available worldwide!


Americans collecting crime artifacts is nothing new and existed well before the advent of the internet! Just think about WWI and WWII. Unique artifacts and collectibles are part of our popular culture no matter how disgusted you feel about the horrific crimes they are related to.

The word Murderabilia people are now using was created by a politician in Sacramento to get elected by putting fear into a public that knew nothing about the criminal justice system.

We have been collecting and researching trying to understand better criminal behaviour for more then a decade. By building this website, our main goal is to give you a little glimpse into the twisted mind of the most notorious criminals that ever existed and offer you a chance to own rare true crime collectibles


We always surpass ourselves by offering you our best findings wich includes high end collector items qualified as one-of-kinds. We were lucky enough to handle some of the rarest pieces related to the most notorious worldwide criminal cases from the 20th and 21st century. Most of our items are nothing but museum quality, framed and ready to go hang your walls.


All the reasearch and obtained documents helped us to understand more different criminal behaviour in our society and the background they were exposed to making them who they are. Understanding the criminal mind and sharing our findings with others has also many positive sides unlike what the media portrays everyday. When i look in a mirror i see a part of myself and when i look into artwork i see a part of the artist's soul...


These collectibles are witness's of some very sad and horrible moments of our history and will remain part of it. We can't just hide from it. But we can be more aware and teach our childrens how to choose the right road in this chaotic life. Redrumautograph isn't going to hide and present you a nice and pink peacefull planet and just pretend.


Lawyers, doctors, criminologists, students and politicians are also part of our client collectors and they ask for our services on a regular base.


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