The Hillside Strangler - Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono Gallery

Kenneth Alessio Bianchi (born May 22, 1951) is an American serial killer. Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono, Jr., together are known as the Hillside Stranglers. He is serving a term of life imprisonment in Washington. Bianchi is also a suspect in the Alphabet murders, three unsolved murders in his home city of Rochester.

Kenneth Bianchi Mugshot 1984
He is the most examined witness in the history of jurisprudence


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Redrumautographs have the most complete Hillside collection ever seen on the internet!!! All items are backed with notes from Ken Bianchi's mom....All artwork is back with a Kenneth Bianchi's personnal letter of authenticity.




Kenneth Bianchi Letter of Authenticity for all of his Art signed in full Kenneth Bianchi Walla,Walla, Washington


Wisdom portrait done by K.Bianchi while in prison size: 9 x 11




Kenneth Bianchi’s original Diplomas
Elementry and High-School
One-of-kinds with original folder from Gates Chili High



Gates Chili High and Diocese of Rochester Elementary school diplomas
Diplomas are about 10 inches large



Kenneth Bianchi’s original security officerguard badge from time of his arrest. Bianchi took this job to patch and get the necessary power  he always craved for. Original COA from his adoptive mother is included: Ken’s badge when he worked at Security Guard. I didn’t know at the time he kept it. -Scarce

7999.99$ USD



Kenneth Bianchi’s personnal RED High-School yearbook from 1968. This is his personnal copy signed at the beginning and contains over 30 handwritten notes signed by different school friends he had at the time including teachers and the Director himself. All wished him luck in his new life! SCARCE

Even if this book is filled with notes Bianchi always felt powerless during High-School. His father dies during that period. Due to his acne problems he always ran from group to group never having real friends.

I’ll remember all the good times in English…
Best of luck in everything you do. Love ya, Bridget ‘70




Kenneth Bianchi’s personnal original pictures each are size 8 x 10
These were Kenneth Bianchi’s and once hanged on his walls. First they were at his parents house and then they were hanged in his house.




Religious statue won in grammar school by Kenneth Bianchi with original note by his adoptive mother as a COA




Happy Birthday To Dad, From your son Ken!
This beautiful piece was done in 1988 by Ken Bianchi and sent to his Dad on his B-day.
Superbe 9 x 13 pencil sketch of an old man
This is signed Ken 6-88




Ultra Rare fin is a sketch titled LONELY signed K.Bianchi from 1979
Kenneth Bianchi and his cousin Angelo Buono killed between October 1977 and February 1978- SCarce




Kenneth Bianchi self portrait with letter of Authenticity both are signed in full Kenneth Bianchi. Original picture he used for this is included and is also signed. All 3 pieces are part of a display framed with the original handwritten envelope.



Kenneth Bianchi personnal door knocker from Garfield Street



Angelo Buono was the dominant older cousin. Together they created evil but would of been innocent before the taste of killing.






More Angelo Buono items to come....