Herbert Baumeister Gallery

The Thrill Killer of Indianapolis


Herbert Baumeister had his days counted the day police knocked on his door...


Herbert Baumeister was the embodiment of the American dream. He built from scratch a chain of successful local thrift stores in Indianapolis called SAV-A-LOT and led a seemingly normal life as a husband and a devoted father of three.

However, when police uncovered the remains of seven young gay men in the woods of
Fox Hollow Farm -- the family's $1 million estate in the exclusive Indianapolis suburb of Westfield-- Baumeister's American dream was more like a murderous nightmare.


In fact, Baumeister's wife of 20 years Julie had no idea of what Baumeister was all about. Every summer, while she and the kids went to Baumeister's mother's lakeside condo, he stayed behind "to work." A big fan of autoerotic asphyxia, Baumeister is suspected in as many as a dozen unsolved gay murders along the Indiana Interstate, and another dozen young gay men killed in Ohio and Indiana.

The eyes blogged and the lips cracked from time to time, the discoloration of the skin gave him a sort of an ecstasy feeling.-Herbert Baumeister

The confession of Mark Goodyear, a surviving victim let the investigators at the Fox Hollow Farm.



In June, 1996, while Baumeister was at the condo, officers found hundreds of bones -- adding up to the remains of seven people -- in the woods behind his estate. All the victims frequented the same bars that Baumeister did, and all went missing on days when his wife and kids were away. Not one to face the music, Baumeister took off to Canada where he committed suicide.

For Julie Baumeister the shock was monstrous. The man she thought was a hard-working and devoted father -- the man she shared her bed with for 20 years -- was clearly one of Indiana's most prolific serial killers.

In May 1993 gay men began disappearing to the tune of 10 over two years. Police scoured gay Indianapolis for clues. In the fall of 1994, a man told them of a strange tryst he had with someone named Brian: They had gone to Brian's sprawling estate and engaged in autoerotic asphyxiation. A year later the man spotted Brian again and, aware of the rash of disappearances, took down his license-plate number. As it turned out, Brian was Baumeister.

November of that year -- though lacking sufficient evidence for a search warrant -- detectives showed up at Fox Hollow Farm asking to search the estate. When Baumeister refused, they went to work on Julie. They told her about Baumeister's cruising and that they suspected him of being a serial killer. She refused to believe them. "The police came to me and said, 'We are investigating your husband in relation to homosexual homicide. I remember saying to them, 'Can you tell me what homosexual homicide is?'"

Five months later they approached her again. Remembering a skull and a cluster of bones her 13-year-old son had found in the woods outside the house which her husband casually dismissed as an old skeleton his father kept, she became more suspicious of her now estranged husband. Herbert explained to his wife at the time that they were his dad’s bone used in the medical school.

Finally, with Baumeister gone for some R & R at the lakeside condo, she allowed police to inspect the property. As the search began, the 49-year-old Baumeister disappeared. Eight days later, on July 3, 1996, campers discovered his body lying beside his car in Ontario's Pinery Provincial Park, with a bullet hole from the business end of a .357 Magnum in his forehead.

On April 28, 1998, investigators concluded that Baumeister probably killed 16 men in all after linking him to nine other men whose bodies were found dumped along rural roads in Indiana and Ohio between 1980 and 1990.

 Investigators concluded that businessman-serial killer Herbert Baumeister probably killed 16 men in all. The Indianapolis thrift shop owner -- who committed suicide in 1996 when investigators closed in on him -- had already been identified as the suspect in the slayings of at least seven men whose remains were found in the woods behind his suburban million-dollar home.

Now investigators have concluded that Baumeister probably was responsible for nine other men whose bodies were found dumped along rural roads in Indiana and Ohio between 1980 and 1990. He could have killed over 50 men in total.



Original slip with original Herbert Baumeister signature after he took a haircut he signed his name and entered his phone number in black ink - SCARCE

3399.99$ USD




Herbert Baumeister Union Federal Savings Bank Document signed in full from 1996




Herbert Baumeister W2  from 1995

1149.99$ USD



Herbert Baumeister’s wife Juliana Baumeister W-2 from 1995

1149.99$ USD



Herbert Baumeister’s personnal check with the bank stamp

signed in full Herbert R. Baumeister from Indiana National Bank





Herbert Baumeisters check he used when he bought a Nintendo for his kidson X-Mass 1993 at a Toys R US – SCARCE



in protective plastic bag

All these items were collected directly at the Fox Hollow Farm after the murders.



Carpet fibers from Herbert and Julia Baumeister house.
Fibers taken directly from inside the Fox Hollow Farm -SCARCE-



Fox Hollow farm original one-of-kind relic from burn site in plastic protected bag



Original Galss From Fox Hollow Farm door were Herbert and his family lived in plastic protective bag



Herbert and Juliana Baumeister relic from housein plastic protective bag
At 5356 C. 72nd ST.



Fox Hollow Farm piece of bone found in Herbert Baumeisters yard in Westfield Indiana in plastic protective bag

Original animal bone -not human



The Varsity Lounge Club matches visited by Herbert Baumeister in plastic protective bag

The Varsity Lounge is the oldest gay bar in Indiana and was a commun place were Herbert picked up his male victims

Metro NightClub Original Matches in plastic protective bag

This is a second club visited by Herbert Baumeister



Fox Hollow Farm Original Rail Road Tie relic in plastic protective bag



Fox Hollow Farm Chandeler crystal from inside the Baumeister’s house in plastic protective bag

This was taken from Herbert Baumeisters house and is very scarce



Relic taken from the Sav a lot store on 6336 E. 82nd St. were the Baumeisters store is located



Herbert Baumeisters original matches from THE CLUB in plastic protective bag

This is a 3rd Bar visited by Herbert Baumeister



Sav a Lot original relic from the Baumeister’s store in plastic protective bag



Fox Hollow Farm Yard Foilage in plastic protective bag were the bones of his victims were found.



The oldest of four children, Baumeister's childhood was evidently normal. By the onset of adolescence, however, he began exhibiting antisocial behavior; acquaintances later recalled the young Baumeister playing with dead animals and urinating on a teacher's desk. As a teenager, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, but did not receive further psychiatric treatment. As an adult, he drifted through a series of jobs, marked by a strong work ethic, but also by more and increasingly bizarre behavior.

He married in 1971, a union that produced three children. He founded the Sav-a-Lot chain of discount stores in 1988, and quickly became an affluent, well-liked member of the community.


Here are pictures taken during a visit at the Fox Hollow Farm authenticiating our Baumeister Collection

- Special Thanks to Mr.Bohannon-







Fox Hollow Farm Domain set of 5 where the Baumeister family lived with different part of the land pictured



Inside the Fox Hollow Farm

The Baumeisters Living Room side view



Living room with Fire Place at the Fox Hollow Farm



Fox Hollow Farm Kitchen Views - The Baumeisters kitchen-



Fox Hollow Farm Kitchen Views - The Baumeisters kitchen side view -



Set of 4 photographs taken outside the Fox Hollow Farm



Herbert Baumeister Famous pool inside the fox Hollow Farm Domain






Herbert Baumeister SAV-A-LOT STORE INSIDE



Herbert Baumeister SAV_A_LOT STORE BACK DOOR

Now Called Hobby Town USA


The Star Club hangout for Mr. Baumeister



The Varsity Lounge hangout for Mr. Baumeister



Vogue Theatre hangout for Mr. Baumeister



Airview of the Fox Hollow Farm police shot
House Fox Hollow Farm’s backyard was filled-up with human bones


The bigger fragments of victims bones were found in the right area of the picture were the
big X is located and the smaller fragments were found in the back of the house: burned fragments, handbones, fingerbones, jaws, fingers and teeths…

Over 5000 fragments of bones were discovered in two major areas on the west side and on the behind the dwelling. But were is Herbert Baumeister?



The morning of the 4th of July, I got up early and saw car lights come up towards the house, it was my attorney Bill Wendelon and he had come to tell us that he had received a phone call and that Herbert’s body was found dead in Canada and that he had taken his own life. – Juliana Baumeister

Mr.Baumeister committed suicide by a self inflicted gunshot wound. The note he left was talking about his failing business’s his failing marriage and his children. Nothing talking about the victims or the murders he committed. –Sgt. Kenneth Wisman

This Christmas, all that I want is world peace -Herbert Baumeister  
This was Mr.Baumeister words in a family home movie filmed 2 years before his death.


His final words in the suicide note confession found beside his body. Nothing mentioned the murders or anything about the investigation.


According to profilers the bones after timeline disappearance were closer and closer to the house were the kids even ran around and played. This shows how you become immune to this paranoia after doing it for so long…having experienced success for so long.




The successful serial killers have malleable personalities; they can lead very easily a normal life without anyone seeing anything and Juliana Baumeister didn’t see anything.



I know a great deal about Herbert Baumeister, then all this people on the face of the earth put together, but I don’t know anything about this other side of him.
– Juliana Baumeister



Ultra Rare Herbert Baumeister unique collectibles to come.......


Indianapolis Water Co. original card slip billing to the Baumeister’s house at 5356 E. 72ND ST
Extra X-MASS bill of products they bought at a drugstore original from the Baumeisters house. Last but not least, a superbe Mint condition original Herbert Baumeister’s
check no.328 from the Union Federal Bank.




Herbert Baumeister one-of-kind American Red Cross collectibles. First we start with an original signed Indiana National Bank check filled by Herbert Baumeister to the American Red Cross. This check is an original check of 200.00$ sent by Mr.Baumeister and has bank stampings on the back and is signed in full Herbert R. Baumeister in black ink. This comes with an American RedCross receipt from 1989 showing that it was sent for the Hugo Hurricane. Finally, a special thank you letter from the RedCorss to Mr. Baumeister signed by Stephanie Blake.



Mr.Herbert Baumeister original own receipt handeled by him and payed at the Sears store with detailed account of the card activities. -Very Rare



Geat Baumeister Framable Collectibles – Ultra Rare

Superbe displayable Baumeister collectibles set. This is a personnaly own and collected newspaper THE Indianopolis STAR from Oct 16 1966. America’s Romance with the Auto. With an original signed check no. 4342 signed in full Herbert R.Baumeister.



Herbert Baumeister's personnal Newspaper obtained from his wife directly from the Fox Hollow Farm with The Club Indianapolis add were he picked up most victims

299.99$ USD



More pictures of items related to the Baumeister’s case will be added !