Autographed books and memoirs


Depravity A Nerative of 16 Serial Killers by Harvey Rosenfeld




Richard Kuklinski THE ICEMAN - THE TRUE STORY OF A COLD BLOODED KILLER BY ANTHONY BRUNO BOOK signed on the inside From_ Richard Kuklinski - Scarce


1399.99$ USD



Richard Ramirez NightStalker book by Clifford L. Lindedecker signed in full with complete address and San Quentin label

299.99$ USD



Hadden Clark Born Evil book by Adrian Havill

A real life Hannibal Lecter who spawned a twenty-year spree of madness

The published picture in the book of Hadden Clark with roller blades is included. This is his personnal copy signed from the sherif department!

This is signed God Bless you always Lucy
Hadden Clark

399.99$ USD



Theodore John Kaczynski
The Unabomber prison owned book signed in full

This book is really one fantastic piece to own and is available for the first time to collectors. This is prison stamped and approved by prison staff before it was given to Ted Kaczynski.  The Theory of Collective Behavior is a sociology book written by Neil J. Smelser.

The term "collective behavior" was first used by Robert E. Park, and employed definitively by Herbert Blumer, to refer to social processes and events which do not reflect existing social structure, laws, conventions, and institution, but which emerge in a "spontaneous" way.

Collective behavior might also be defined as action which is neither conforming (in which actors follow prevailing norms) nor deviant (in which actors violate those norms). Collective behavior, a third form of action, takes place when norms are absent or unclear, or when they contradict each other. Scholars have devoted far less attention to collective behavior than they have to either conformity or deviance.

This book is signed in full Ted Kaczynski and comes directly from his cell after he finished reading it in 2005

1999.99$ USD



The Collector by John Fowles

Written by the author of "The French Lieutenant's Woman", "Mantissa" and "The Magus", this is the story of a lonely young man whose sole interest is collecting butterflies - until he wins the pools - and then he begins collecting girls.
This is signed in full by serial killer Daniel Siebert with full prison address
The convicted serial killer, who confessed to murdering Rotterdam resident Beatrice McDougall in 1986, died Tuesday afternoon at W.C. Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, Alabama. He was 53.

In the end, it wasn’t lethal injection that killed the killer.
It was complications from pancreatic cancer.

Note : Daniel Siebert polaroid not included
499.99$ USD



James Earl Ray hardcover signed autobiography with typed note to Grindhouse Graphics



This is signed J. E . Ray

399.99$ USD



Sicarius novel by serial killer Danny Rolling
This is limited edition no. 103/1500

179.99$ USD



Maximum security Institution

29.99$ USD



OUTRAGE by Vincent Bugliosi
The five reasons why O.J Simpson got away with murder
This hardcover with original dust jacket is in excellent condition and is signed by author Vincent Bugliosi

179.99$ USD



Arthur J. Shawcross Bible - The Gideons-
This auction is for Arthur Shawcross Bible owned for couple months in 2005. This bible is signed in black ink on first page Art Shawcross on the inside with Din number 91B01E3.

Affixed on the inside is a original polaroid of Arthur Shawcross at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in 2005. This polaroid has a stamped prison label affixed to it stamped at 3:02 P.M , this is also signed in full Arthur J. Shawcross 2005. Original Manila envelope will also be included with this auction.
Not that Arthur was very religious but he still took time to underline some lines og page 581 in the PSALM 24 section

Arthur J. Shawcross Bible sent in 2005 signed twice w/original polaroid and signed labelArthur J. Shawcross Bible sent in 2005 signed twice w/original polaroid and signed label

1999.99$ USD



Conversations with a Death Row Prisonner by Lawrence Bittaker.

This book typed on Death Row is truly a collectibles piece as it goes trought the murdermac murders. It’s signed in red on the inside L. Bittaker S.Q.S.P 1992

299.99$ USD


Doing Time short story published written by Bill Bonin on DeathRow

William Bonin got the lethal injection for the Freewaykillings on February 23rd 1996 at the age of 49.
William '' Bill '' Bonin signed typewritten book typed in prison -limited edition-

350.00 USD



Thrill Killers ‘True Portrayal of America’s Most Vicious Murderers

Prison owned book by Clifford Olson dated  1991 and is signed  with a note to a penpal Clifford.

269.99$ USD



Rrach Out for Your Dreams
This book owned by Thomas ‘Dee’ Huskey and read in prison. This has a letter written on the first page signed: With respect & Love always Your Thom

229.99$ USD


Roch Theriault ‘’L’affaire Moise’’ La montagne de l’Éternel
Signed in full Roch ‘Moise’ Theriault first edition, 1981 -SCARCE

499.99$ USD


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