Crime and Criminals out-of-print magazine
–Ed Kemper-
Santa Cruz Co-ed killer front page



Crime and Criminals out-of-print magazine
Richard Ramirez –Night Stalker- on cover



Crime and Criminals  out-of-print magazine
Aileen Wuornos on cover



Crime and Criminals -John Wayne Gacy
Out-of-print magazine
Pogo the clown- front page



Crime and Criminals
Out-of-Print magazine
Jeffrey Dahmer on cover



Crime and Criminals
Out-of-print magazine

Veronica Compton on cover



Crime and Criminals
Out-of-print magazine
The murder of Nicole Simpson



True Gein ED! by Pat Gabrieles
Out-of-print comic book



Psycho Killers
Mailman special – out-of-print
Comic book issue no.1



Killer Cults comic book
From Comic Zone
Issue no.3 – Waco, Branch Davidian



Richard Speck – The Unauthoriezed Biography of a serial killer
For mature readers - out- of- print comic book



Boneyard Press comic book –OOP
Jeffrey Dahmer vs Jesus



TIME magazine We Caught Him with Saddam Hussein on the front cover



TIME magazine with Timothy McVeigh on front page

Execution on Hold May 21st



Intelligence Report magazine

Oklahoma Bombing full coverage



Derniere Heure french magazine talking about different Cult movement and leaders


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The Giant book of Bad Guys by Ian Scott and al. hardcover book



Serial Killers The Growing Menace by Joel Norris hardcover book with original dust jacket



THE WORLD FAMOUS SERIES SET OF 3 BOOKS: Serial Killers, Gangsters and Cults and Fanatics

World Famous Serial Killers By Colin and Damon Wilson

The shocking truth about the most notorious murderers the world has ever known



World Famous Gangsters By Ian Schott

True Life strories of crime's most dangerous men!



World Famous Cult and Fanatics Softcover book

The truth behind the world's most secret societies




THE SATANIC BIBLE by Anton Szandor Lavey

The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor Lavey with original Nico Claux passport picture signed Nico 2007



Cannibal Killers by Peter Haining

The Real Life and Flesh eaters and blood drinkers



True Crime Notorious Vilan of Modern world
By Fido and Southwell



Jeremy Jones original prison bible with letter and envelope all 3 signed.

The bible is signed Jeremy Jones Oklahoma



Vintage Official Detective magazine covering the Bundy case

Could Ted Bundy have killed 36 girls?



History will absolve me hardcover by Fidel Castro

99.99$ USD




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