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The Lady Killer



Theodore Bundy South Lake County Mugshot



Theodore Bundy Memorial Card Jan 24, 1989



Clean-cut serial killer Theodore "Ted" Bundy confessed to 28 killings, but other estimates indicate that he killed as many as 33 to 100 female victims during the 1970's. Often he sexually assaulted his victims with such instruments as crowbars or hairspray bottles. While under arrest, Bundy managed to escape twice, one time living for months on the run in Tallahassee.

Typically, Bundy would bludgeon his victims, then strangle them to death. He also engaged in rape and necrophilia. Bundy was executed for his last murder by the state of Florida in 1989.



Ted Bundy by Johnny Machine from



Theodore Bundy:Collectible books
*Softcover: The Killer Next Door, Signature killers, Conversation with a Killer, The Starnger Beside me,

*Hardcover: Defending the Devil and The Phantom Prince My Life With Ted Bundy




Theodore Robert Bundy handwritting Analysis and his typical resentment strokes






Theodore Robert Bundy reprint signature with black and white close up shot. This is two farmable piece that would look great together.

19.99$ USD



Theodore Robert Bundy
Final X-mass card from December 19, 1988
One month before execution
Signed God Bless you Peace Ted

The original envelope is included and is signed in full Theodore Bundy! This is ultra rare as Bundy envelopes were almost all signed T.Bundy. Envelope wasn’t postmarked as it was X-Mass time and lots of envelopes were just passed trough. Lowering total value but still 100% authentic with triple of money back!

4999.99$ USD



The house that Ted Bundy lived in at 4123 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105 in the

University of Washington U-district...

House were Bundy lived no.1

9.99$ USD



Bundy house were he lived no.2

9.99$ USD



Original Ted Bundy poster issued after his second prison escape from Maximum security in Garfield County.



Interstate Flight- Murder
Wanted by the FBI
Theodore Robert Bundy Replica poster with printed findgerprints

9.99$ USD



Theodore Bundy –Department of Law enforcement
Replica-Fingerprintchart – Ted Bundy signed Theodore Robert Bundy

14.99$ USD



Theodore Bundy Florida State Prison pharmacy -Ultra Rare
Vial of Ibuprofen pills date 11-26 with original prison pharmacy label



Reprinted 4 x 6 picture of 1975 Police photo of Ted Bundy’s items found in his car

19.99$ USD



Bundy Appeal—Attorney’s trying to block Theodore Robert Bundy’s execution for the
CHI OMEGA massacre. High resolution duplicate from original Press wire picture.
Size: 4 x 6

9.99$ USD



Former Law student Theodore Bundy is sentenced to death in Florida’s electric chair 7/31 by Judge Cowart for murder of Coeds Lisa Levy and Margatret Bowman
This is for a high resolution duplicate from original picture
Size: 4 x 6

9.99$ USD



Original prison envelope from Jacksonville, Florida signed T.Bundy with 7 lines written by him. This envelope is postmarked 8 Oct 1984

1299.99$ USD



Theodore Bundy 5 pages handwritten letter from May 21st, 1984.
This is signed on Page 3 Ted Bundy with a very interesting content.
He then again on page 5, peace T.

3999.99$ USD



Theodore Bundy copy of original Wanted Poster

9.99$ USD



The Mental Health Associates detachable card of Mr. Theodore Bundy. This is from The Public Defender’s Office in Tallahassee, Florida. With an original handwritten bill that was his proprety. Still intact the card is undetached.

1799.99$ USD



Theodore Robert Bundy AUTHENTIC HAIR
Taken after execution on Jan 24 1989

This particular hair was shaved from Theodore Bundy on January 24, 1989 before execution on the electric chair. Hair was shaved from head and body mixed up. Letter of authenticity from serial Killer who was housed and had the contacts to get that type of hair got it from a guard.

To Whom it may concern: The attached locket of hair was shaved from the body of serial killer Ted Bundy at his execution in the electric chair, January 24 1989
This is signed twice. –SCARCE-
You will obtain 5 hair starnds with copy of the original letter as a COA

399.99$ USD




Susan Elaine Rancourt is Missing
This 8.5 x 11 poster replica of one Bundy victim

9.99$ USD



Theodore Robert Bundy stamped court document from 1978. This has numerous stamps and is signed in full Theodore Robert Bundy

2999.99$ USD



Vintage Official Detective magazine covering the Bundy case



MInt Original framed and matted Peace X-Mass card from 1987 signed love, Ted

with original Wanted by the FBI poster





MInt Original framed and matted handwritten envelope from 1987 signed T.Bundy

with original Wanted by the FBI poster

As seen in the movie Collectors

2399.99$ USD



Theodore Robert Bundy chip removed from the Death Chamber in wich he was executed in -Jan 24, 1989



Theodore Robert Bundy chip removed from the FSP Death Cell were he spent his last hours before execution



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