Douglas Clark and Carol Bundy’s Gallery

The Sunset Strip Slayers


In the summer of 1980 Hollywood, California, was under the siege of a serial killer. Preying on blonde prostitutes and hunting primarily on famed Sunset Strip, which earned him the nickname "The Sunset Strip Slayer", Douglas Clark coerced his girlfriend Carol Bundy to pick up the women and bring them to him. He then would strike a deal for oral sex and during the act shoot them through the head and engage in sexual acts with their dead bodies.

The killings began with a pair of teenage step-sisters, Gina Marano and Cynthia Chandler. They were found dead on June 12. On June 24 Exxie Wilson and Karen Jones were found seperately, Wilson with her head cut off and placed in a box in the driveway of a house close by. Clark had taken Wilson's head home with him so he could engage in oral sex with it, Bundy later claimed. Clark soon murdered Marnette Coomer, 17, and a woman who was never identified in what would prove to be his last known kill.


Doug considered himself the "king of the one-nights stands." He loved sex with prostitutes, especially real young ones from LA's notorious Sunset Strip. Carol, his girlfriend, was no Mother Teresa. She thought that murder was fun and liked photographing hookers sucking Doug's dick. He enjoyed shooting his victims as he came in their mouths. He also liked chopping their heads off. Once, for kicks, Carol applied make-up to a severed head and Doug took it to the shower for a little necrophiliac fellatio. Carol told an old boyfriend about Doug's strange habits.


When the old boyfriend threatened to tell police, Carol stabbed him to death and chopped off his head. She then confessed and blamed Doug for everything. Doug denied it and claimed that Carol and her former lover were the killers. Strangely he also begged for the death penalty and taunted the judge whenever he could. He was sentenced to death on February 15, 1983. Carol was convicted of two killings.



Douglas Clark original stamped FEB 16 1972 Birth Certificate No. 243743

from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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Douglas Clark original Marriage Certificate from the State of California

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The bloodshed didn't end completely with the young women. Bundy's former boyfriend, John Robert Murray confided in her that he suspected Clark could be the Sunset Strip Slayer, apparently never thinking that if he was, Bundy might be involved. Clark's twisted accomplice took matters into her own hands and killed Murray. His headless torso was later found in his own van but his missing skull was never discovered. Bundy soon found she couldn't keep her own mouth in check however, and confided to a friend that she was heavily involved in the string of murders. The friend predictably called the police and the murderous duo were quickly arrested on August 11.

Bundy confessed her involvement in the crimes, pleading guilty to the murder of Murray, and became the key witness at Clark's January 1983 trial. Clark was found guilty on six counts of murder and On February 11 was sentenced to death. Bundy recieved prison terms of twenty-seven years to life and twenty-five years to life which were to run consecutively.



Original Carol Bundy Manila envelope cut with full address and signature and prison stamp




Douglas Clark original business card signed in full Douglas Clark




Douglas Clark original Notice to Pay or Quit document from his apartment owner

sent after few months of unpayed rent. – Scarce

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Douglas Clark original handwritten letter and envelope on prison store list signed in full




Can a Woman Kill article about the Sunset Murders signed in golden pen Doug Clark 07

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Superbe Carol Bundy original handwritten envelope with artwork and short note signed 3 times - Scarce

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Prison shirt with original poem confession by Douglas Clark....

I'm just a Legal Serial Killer Living next door to you....I voulunteer to Kill' EM ALL...

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