Nicolas Claux

The Vampire of Paris Gallery

*Full Name: Nicolas Claux, aka "Nico", aka "Vampire of Paris".

*Birthdate: March 22, 1972

*Likes: Autopsys, gothic graveyards, slasher movies, stench of opened coffins, human vertebraes, dismemberment, formaldehyde & plasma, watching some stupid bastards legs violently shake during his death spasms.

*Dislikes: Cars, Team Sports, Technology, Overpopulation, Fat people, uneducated people, poseurs, uniforms, "Modern Primitaves", People who think they are cool because they have rings in their nipples, Jerks.

*Do you have a S&M fetish? I have a fetish for girls who kill.

*Did you ever participate in any S&M activities? I dated a girl who was into S/M. I nearly killed her incidently 3 days before my arrest.

*Why did you drink blood? Blood is my life.

*Do you consider yourself a vampire? I prefer the word "Ghoul"

*Can you describe the taste of human meat? Tastes pretty good. It depends on what part you eat. The big muscles of the thighs and back are good. There's no meat in the breasts, only fats.

*What was going thru your head the first time you tasted flesh/blood/human meats?

I said to myself "Wow! Now I'm a cannibal...


*Describe the first time you mutilated a corpse? I opened this coffin inside a crypt in a Parisian Graveyard. I found embalmed remains inside, oozing with death fluids. It was a woman, and she was wrapped in a white shroud. The shroud sticked to her skin like fly paper. I stabbed her with a screwdriver. I tried to sever her head, but I did not have the right tools. I took polaroid snapshots.

*What was your childhood like? My mom said in the courtroom that I never cried or laughed. They thought at first that I was autistic. I don't have brothers or sisters so I was a lonely child. I don't remember much about my childhood. I don't like kids. They are dumb and they have no sense of humour.

*Can you describe your relationship with your family before, and after the murders? I think they hate me. I'm indifferent to them.

*Religion? I worship the devil.


Superbe Satanic devil artwork -Satan by Nico Claux

*S/M? When you're engaged in a S&M relationship, your mate is more or less willing I'm not interested in those mind games anymore. Last time I did it, I nearly killed her. I need the real thing.

*Serial Killers? Some are good. Some are bad. I like girls who kill. There should be more of them.

*Government? I live in a zionist government. Tel-aviv pulls the strings of this country. I've heard it's the same in the U.S...Oh well.

*Describe your first murder? I didn't kill anybody. I just killed some insects. Not people. Insects.

*How often did you think about killing before you actually killed? I have murder fantasies since I was a little kid. Then I had fantasies about eating human meat. It became an obsessional appetite. Everyday.

*Did you have a reason to kill, or was it a spur of the moment situation? I had to experiment the effectiveness of .22 caliber bullets on human targets at point-blank range. It didn't work well. I had to crush the guy's skull to put an end to his misery.

*What do you like to read? True crime books. Forensic textbooks. The "NecroErotik" 'zine.

*Recommend any books?
"The Gresham Colour Atlas of Forensic Pathology" A.Gresham
"Tool" Peter Sotos
"Killer Fiction" G.J. Schaefer
"Manson Family Picnic" Ricky Downey

*Favorite things to draw/paint? Autopsys. Gothic Graveyards. Killers.

*Feelings on Anton LaVey? I'm indifferent to Anton LaVey. I like to kill pets, so I guess Anton LaVey would have hated me. I don't care.

*Favorite Music/Musicians? I'm into black metal, death metal, and straight edge. I like bands like Mortician, Integrity, Morbid Angel, Emperor, Earth Crisis, Whitehouse, Grimlock...The Murder Junkies :-)

*What killers stick out in your mind?
Cannibals who eat women: Issei Sagawa, Richard Chase, Ed Gein

*I am filled with admiration for these 2 grave robbers/esthetes:

Sgt. Bertrand and Ely "Erszebeth" Dervillers


Women crucifiction
This was done on cardboard and the size of this beautiful piece is 10 x 13. The piece is signed with satanic words and symbols written on the back. Superbe details and a true masterpeiece.

Nico Claux superbe early satanic sketch -Nude women on the cross with deamons around - 1998

299.99$ USD

*Will you kill again when you are released? I never killed anybody.

*What were you charged with? I was charged with 1 count of premeditated murder and 6 counts of grave robbery.

*Did you ever have sex with a corpse? Yeah. So what?

*Did you talk to any of the corpses you dug up? I'm no psycho!

*What are some of your hobbies? I like to paint, watch horror flicks, work out, draw tattoo flash, write with other killers, read detective magazines, watch documentaries on freaks or amputees.

*What did you do with the corpses after you dug them up? If there were only bones left, i brought them to my apartment and i built totems with them. If i found decomposed or embalmed remains, i stabbed them and I took polaroid snapshots. i stabbed them in the chest or eyes. then blackout.


Nico Claux Hell painting from 96 

Medium: Watercolor on cardboard


Signed: Nico SD 96


Titled : ‘Pogo the Clown’ - OUT-OF-STOCK

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 9 x 12

Signed : N.Claux



Nico Claux blood, hair and fingerprints on lined paper

Titled : Blood & Hair Samples

Medium: ink and blood

Size: 12 x 16

Signed : Nicolas Claux SD 98



     Nico Claux Biographical sketch signed Nicolas Claux SD-98

Titled : My Life

Medium: Pen and pencils

Size: 16 x 20

Signed : Nicolas Claux SD 98


   Nico Claux portrait of Charles Manson - OUT-OF-STOCK

Titled : My Life

Medium: Acrylic painting

Signed : Nicolas Claux 1998


Nicolas Claux handprint on bloodpact satanic paper
This was done while he was in prison and is signed in full Nicolas Claux no. 2399426
Size : 9 x 11
Date : 1998


  Nico Claux Pentagram oil painting

Titled : THE STAR

Medium: oil painting

Signed : Nicolas Claux