True Crime Prison Clothing

Autographed memorabilia signed prison clothes used by notorious criminals


Michael Bruce Ross (July 26, 1959 – May 13, 2005) was an American serial killer, also known as The Roadside Strangler. In 2005, he was executed by the state of Connecticut, making it the first execution in Connecticut (and the whole of New England) since 1960.

When Ross confessed to all of the eight murders, and he was convicted for the last four of them. He was sentenced to death on July 6, 1987, and spent the next 18 years on death row. During that time, he met his fiancée, Susan Powers, of Oklahoma. Powers broke up with Ross in 2003 but still visited him until his death. He became a devout Catholic after his arrest in 1984, meeting regularly with two priests through the years and praying the rosary each morning. Ross met Cornell University graduate and pastoral adviser Kathy Yeager, who visited him from 1997 until 2005. According to Yeager, Ross had accomplishments, such as translating Braille, acting as a "big brother" to other inmates, and sponsoring an impoverished child from the Dominican Republic.

Micheal Bruce Ross underwear shirt worn and used while on Deathrow. He had this shirt on his final day alive and it was sent to his wife Susan Powers after he was executed! A handwritten COA from her is included authenticiating this piece for life!

2999.99$ USD



Dana Sue Gray is an American serial killer who murdered three elderly women in 1994. She was caught after her fourth victim survived and identified her. Gray says she committed these murders to support her spending habits. She is now locked up in the California Women's Prison in Chowchilla. Gray’s crimes were not only violent but she only knew two of her victims.

This is her prison T-shirt worn in prison in California. She signed the inside of the neck D. Gary with her inamte number and affixed in red paint the front of the shirt.


Dana Sue Gray original prison owned shirt size M

350.00$ USD



Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker-

Original sweather worn on San Quentin Deathrow late 90s with handwritten COA by Richards wife Doreen Ramirez

The COA is hand written on 3 x 5 index card is signed in full Doreen ramirez




Dorothea Puente prison handsewed & owned pyjama shirt with flower marker drawing artwork sent in the begining of 2010 - Scarce

Dorothea Puente Prison shirt Pyjamas with flower artwork



Alfred Gaynor
Prison worn T-Shirt 2006

This T-Shirt is very big and was the property of serial killer Alfred Gaynor in prison. This is signed in full Alfred Gaynor with his inmate number and is dated 9/15/06 by him in black marker. Original handwritten signed 2 pages letter is also included from Alfred Gaynor himself talking about this exact shirt authenticating this piece for life.


399.99$ USD



Joe Metheny
Prison worn DOC shirt with drawing on the front pocket

This is a huge numerous XXXXL DOC prison shirt worn by serial killer Joe Metheny.
Joe Roy Metheny reportedly has confessed to killing 10 women in the Baltimore area, and has been indicted in the early 1990's murders of Kimberly Spicer, Toni Lynn Ingrassia, and Catherine Magaziner. Apparently, after spending time with his victims on what appeared to be casual normal terms, Metheny felt compelled to strangle the women. He is currently serving life in prison after having his death penalty sentence in the murder of Magaziner overturned on July 24, 2000.

The front pocket has a huge drawing on the front pocket. With a thumbprint in blood and his signature at the bottom of pocket. Very unique and unusual prison official shirt.

599.99$ USD



O.J Simpson SIGNED USC Trojans Jersey - Handsigned in L.A County Correctionnal Facilty

This jersey has sewn on letters and numbers and is a size XXL. Simpson added the inscription Heisman 68. This comes with the GAI DNA tamper-proof serial numbered hologram and matching COA card.
Simpson played Junior College Football at the City College of San Francisco. He played both offense (running back) and defense (defensive linesman), and was named to the Junior College All American team as a running back. Simpson earned an athletic scholarship to the University of Southern California where he played running back for the University of Southern California in 1967 and 1968 after playing at a junior college from 1965 to 1966. Simpson led the nation in rushing with 1,451 yards and 11 touchdowns in 1967. In 1968, he rushed for 1,709 yards and 22 touchdowns, earning the Heisman Trophy, the Maxwell Award and the Walter Camp Award that year. He still holds the record for the Heisman's largest margin of victory, defeating the runner-up by 1,750 points. Simpson also won the Walter Camp Award in 1967 and was a two-time All-American (1967-1968).
O.J Simpson was an American Hero until the sudden murder of his wife Nicole

O.J Simpson SIGNED USC Trojans Jersey with - GAI DNA - certificate O.J Simpson SIGNED USC Trojans Jersey with - GAI DNA - certificate

499.99$ USD



Nico Claux ‘The Vampire of Paris’ signed prison T-Shirt
This orange Dept. of Corrections T-Shirt was signed in full Nico Claux  2003 ‘’ Vampire of Paris’’ –Scarce-

899.99$ USD



Hadden Clark black ink handprints on prison shirt worn in 2006-2007

This is signed in full Hadden Clark 233181

499.99$ USD



Hadden Clark worn prison and hospital socks with handwritten note signed in full

39.99$ USD



Edward Spreitzer original prison worn boxers signed in green ink Edward Spreitzer. This piece comes with a COA from Crime and Criminals and was issued in 1994.

239.99$ USD



Douglas Clark Rare prison T-Shirt with full poem shprt story written on it about his life...Signed and dated in full


1599.99$ USD



Nathaniel Code original 3XL T-Shirt from Louisiana State Prison signed in full Nathaniel Code


249.99$ USD



Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker-

Original Cut T-Shirt worn on San Quentin Deathrow late 90s with handwritten

COA by Richards wife Doreen Ramirez

The COA is hand written on 3 x 5 index card is signed in full Doreen ramirez

4999.99$ USD


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