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On October 27, 1964, a stranger entered a young woman's home posing as a detective. He tied his victim to her bed, proceeded to sexually assault her, and suddenly left, saying "I'm sorry" as he went. The woman's description led police to identify the assailant as Albert DeSalvo and when his photo was published, many women identified him as the man who had assaulted them. Earlier on October 27, DeSalvo had posed as a motorist with car trouble and attempted to enter a home in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The homeowner, future Brockton police chief Richard Sproles, became suspicious and eventually fired a shotgun at DeSalvo.


The Boston Strangler Book Club Edition

DeSalvo was not initially suspected of being involved with the stranglings. It was only after he was charged with rape that he gave a detailed confession of his activities as the Boston Strangler. He initially confessed to a fellow inmate George Nassar who reported to his attorney F. Lee Bailey who took on DeSalvo's case. The police were impressed at the accuracy of DeSalvo's descriptions of the crime scenes. Though there were some inconsistencies, DeSalvo was able to cite details which had not been made public. However, there was no physical evidence to substantiate his confession. As such, he stood trial for earlier, unrelated crimes of robbery and sexual offenses in which he was known as The Green Man and The Measuring Man respectively. Bailey brought up the confession to the stranglings as part of his client's history at the trial in order to assist in gaining a 'not guilty by reason of insanity' verdict to the sexual offenses but it was ruled as inadmissible by the judge.

DeSalvo was sentenced to life in prison in 1967. In February of that year, he escaped with two fellow inmates from Bridgewater State Hospital triggering a full scale manhunt. A note was found on his bunk addressed to the superintendent. In it DeSalvo stated that he had escaped to focus attention on the conditions in the hospital and his own situation. The next day he gave himself up. Following the escape he was transferred to the maximum security Walpole State Prison where he was found murdered six years later in the infirmary. He had been stabbed. The killer or killers were never identified.



Original newspaper Special Collector Edition
Why did 13 women open their doors to The Boston Strangler?


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Original Movie Pressbook
The Boston Strangler
This book is backed and protected

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Original Albert DeSalvo Press Picture 8 x10 

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Original Boston Strangler Clippings



This auction is for a 7 pages letter dated Jan: 25 , 1973...on the 3rd page he has signed his name Al then he crossed it and he has put A.D.S beside it.The end of the letter is signed : Love ya, Take care and i'll be OK. DeSalvo as he recovers in the prison infirmary from a beating during the Walpole prison uprising.



Walpole Prison 4 x 6 reprint from the original picture

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In part, 'I'm in the hospital right now...Things are very very very very bad right now in here, the men in here have all been locked up 24 hrs a day, since Dec. 28, 72, we got our first shower Jan. 25th.

Rather than right now try to explain anything that is happening, tomorrow I get the newspaper, I'll send clipping to you...I only got my head banged up and both my eyes shut closed...I didn't get the box as you explained. Nor have I like others received packages sent in by our family. So happy you liked the jewelry and pictures I sent you...Book will come along fine as soon as I'm able to be released... I feel you love birds, even jail birds Ha!...Show them the jewelry. I would tell you as I would tell my own daughter, Don't!! go steady with one guy. Here is what I would tell my daughter. Go out with as many guys as you wish...Sex is not dirty, but a pleasure, of beauty, so long as you take care of your hygine - and have a check up every so often.' He goes on to discuss the positive aspects of a sexual relationship between to people, closing with 'Remember the key - to love and friendship is 'Communication.'' He signs the letter, 'Love ya, take care.'

In fine condition, with light toning. Accompanied by the original cerified handwritten mailing envelope and several newspaper clippings regarding the prison disturbances.
Clippings are originals and were sent with the letter by Albert DeSalvo
This same letter was sold in 2002 by RR auction for over 700$ incl. shipping and insurance!

If we can find the COA issued by RR auction we will include it with this auction!
Superbe content, great condition and hard to find!
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The Boston Strangler typed by Albert DeSalvo shortly before he was killed in prison. Some say it’s a drug hit as DeSalvo was selling Ecstasy in prison at a competitive price. No matter what the real reason was, he was killed few hours before he was able to really tell the truth about the Boston Strangler killings. Many believe he was going to point out the real killer and maybe more then one killer.


Original Typed poem signed Al DeSalvo




Peoria Journal Star
Self-Styled Strangler
Flees Mental Hospital

Original Boston Strangler Newspaper with DeSalvo on the front page



Desalvo Reported Happy at Prison original clipping 



Prison made DeSalvo look old in no time



Boston STrangler Gives Up Meekley, ENding Manhunt
Two Strangler companions recaptured


SUPER 8MM HOME VERSION of THE BOSTON STRANGLER, with TONY CURTIS and HENRY FONDA. This is a look at the TWISTED MIND OF A SERIAL KILLER, based on the REAL CASE IN BOSTON where a SERIAL KILLER strangled 13 WOMEN!!!. Many chilling scenes in this COMPLETE HOME EDITION, great for Halloween party’s and dark nights. I have previewed and cleaned this film and it is in very good condition. 200 foot on plastic real, boxed as shown.

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