Handprints and fingerprints

of notorious killers

Palmprints, fingerprints and foot prints are often left at a crime scene and are crucial to slove a case. Own these rare original prints today!


Roy L. Norris handtracing of both hands reaching forward with bloody fingerprints signed in full


349.99$ USD



Hadden Clark Handprints and foot prints signed in full
Hadden Clark 233181

199.99$ USD

169.99$ USD


Nico Claux – The Vampire of Paris-

Nicolas Claux handprint on bloodpact satanic paper
This was done while he was in prison and is signed in full Nicolas Claux no. 2399426
Size : 9 x 11
Date : 1998


299.99$ USD

269.99$ USD



Hadden Clark black ink handprints on paper from his cell
Size: 8 x 11
Signed: Hadden Clark - 233181


49.99$ USD

39.99$ USD



Bookey West blue paint handprints on cardstock
Medium: Acrylic blue paint on card
Signed: Handprints of Bookey West
Date: 07/08
Bookey West


59.99$ USD



William Bonin “Freeway killer’’
Size: 3 x 5
Medium: marker and ink on paper
Signed: William George Bonin
William Bonin’s thumbprint was affixed authenticiating this piece for life!


199.99$ USD

139.99$ USD



Cult Leader Roch Theriault Left/Right handprint in ink
Size: 8 x 11
Medium: Ink and marker
Signed: Roch ‘ Moise’ Theriault and Roch
Dated : October 2007


89.99$ USD

49.99$ USD each.



Susan Atkins Manson Family menmbers bloody footprint
Crime scene Tate murders
Size: 4 x 6


6.99$ USD

4.99$ USD




Ottis Toole haintpaint print from Prison
Size: 9 x 11
Framed: Framed and matted with COA
Signed: Ottis Toole





Lawrence Bittaker original chart from San Quentin -one-of-kind

Lawrence Bittaker original fingerprintchart with personnal info
from San Quentin State Prison
signed Larry S. Bittaker in red ink

399.99$ USD



Hadden Clark black ink handprints on prison shirt worn in 2006-2007

This is signed in full Hadden Clark 233181


374.99$ USD



Keith Hunter Jesperson

The Happy Face Killer's handprinted in red on card

This is signed in full Keith H. Jesperson with two happy faces on each handpalm!!

199.99$ USD



Arthur John Shawcross Handprint paint on canvas signed in full Arthur John Shawcross





James Munro handpracing in ink on yellow paper signed in full James Munro


39.99$ USD



Michael Ronning hand tracing of left and right hand with a small drawn frame in black marker. This is signed in full Michael G. Ronning


39.99$ USD


This is a superbe full page handwritten by executed Serial Killer Jack Trawick were he traced his left and right hand signed J-2006


219.99$ USD





Left handtracing done by Kevin Taylor the prostitute strangler in prison and signed in full Kevin Taylor


24.99$ USD

12.99$ USD



Elmer Wayne Henley original left hand tracing on top of his gal. His gal sent her a tracing of her own hand asking Wayne : How long has it been since you held a lady’s hand? Wayne replied : Ages….never one as luscious as you! He signed this Wayne


69.99$ USD



From your friend John Williams left handtracing from Prison


34.99$ USD



James Koedatich right handtracing signed in full from Prison


29.99$ USD



Jeremy Jones Right Handtracing signed in full Jeremy Jones


22.99$ USD



John L. Lotter  left hand tracing from Nebraska’s DeathRow signed in full John L. Lotter

26.99$ USD



Manel Padro original double handtracing of left and right hand signed in full Manuel Padro Jr.


37.99$ USD



Joe Metheny AKA ‘Tiny’ right hand tracing and drawing from Prison signed Joe Metheny Tiny with a thumbprint in blood


129.99$ USD

89.99$ USD



Walter Kelbach left hand on lined paper from Prison signed in full


29.99$ USD



This is her prison T-shirt worn in prison in California. She signed the inside of the neck D. Gary with her inamte number and affixed in red paint the front of the shirt.

Dana Sue Gray original prison owned shirt size M

299.99$ USD



Nicolas Claux superbe No Clonning Piece!

Including his fingerprints in his own blood with hair sample signed in full Nicolas Claux 1998




Different fingerprint paterns analysis Mixed Figures





Issei Sagawa original handprint in red titled in french : Mon Main and signed in full Issei Sgawa




Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. from 2002

Handprint no. 7 of 27 signed in full Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.




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