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Gary Michael Heidnik (November 22, 1943 – July 6, 1999) was an American murderer who kidnapped, tortured and raped six women and kept them prisoner in his Philadelphia, Pennsylvania basement. He is often referred to as a serial killer, although having committed only two murders, he would not fit the FBI definition of a serial killer as the FBI standard dictates "three or more murders" to be classified as serial killer. However, in the National Institute of Justice's definition of a serial killer, a minimum of two murders is designated. On Dr. Michael Stone's scale of evil ranking from level 1 to level 22, Heidnik was placed at level 22.


Handwritten 5 pages with original envelope of his Cellar of Horror
Total of 3 signatures from Gary Heidnik


The cellar is drawn and described in details. Victim and how the were attached and how they died. Who killed who? Were did the exactly die? Everything is in this unique letter. One tru crime collectors piece. He talks about documentary and book made on the cellar of horror and mistakes in them. Talks about FBI and forensic blood splatter.
This is by far the best Heidnik letter out there.
The original envelope is handwritten and stamped. Both letter and envelope is in excellent condition.-SCARCE



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Gary Heidnik original envelope is handwritten and stamped and signed in full Sir Gary Heidnik -SCARCE

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