Hot True Crime Collectibles 2008-20011






Richard Kuklisnki contract Killer for the Gambino family ulra rare handwritten envelope signed in full



Ultra Rare handwritten letter perfect for framing talking about an officer that was stabbed to death and about a serial killer article he was mentioned in he takes time to distinguish himself from being a Mass Murderer and the very best part of this letter is that he also talks about a book published by his capturer Anthony Bruno '' The Iceman, 1993 The True Story Of a Cold Blooded Killer signs off, take Care Richie



Richard Kuklinski THE ICEMAN - THE TRUE STORY OF A COLD BLOODED KILLER BY ANTHONY BRUNO BOOK signed on the inside From_ Richard Kuklinski - Scarce



Ultra rare John Hinckley letter used in court as evidence against Mr. Hinckley....He might of been freed but this letter sealed his faith for good.



Original Jodie Foster 9 x 11 drawing in pencil sent to John Hinckley that was seized by the U.S secret service ...a copy of the original piece remains in their files. This drawing depicts a young Jodie Foster with the famous last letter sent to her by Mr. Hinckley right before his attempt to assasinate president Ronald Reagan.



Department of Treasury / U.S secret service department envelope. Articles from the Los Angeles Times from 8/13/1988 showing the impact of these evidence pieces used in court. Hinckley Trip or freedom was canceled over new letters....Hickley's obsession for actress scuttles field trip....Hinckley trying to obtain nude drawings of actress...Hinckley on Manson also talks about this letter as he is asking about Charles Manson when he write : How is your friend doing? Towards the mid section of the letter.



Original signed letter from the U.S secret service thanking the previous owner for his cooperation in the Hinckley case.



Special agent from secret services handwritten letter to previous owner after a very long period of time saying he will get his letters back....and he did! Original presented subpoena paper when they seized the Hickley items is showen on top.




Marylin Monroe b&W 7 x 9 photograph signed in full -scarce

Best Regards Marylin Monroe



Rare Fidel Castro original document pro-framed with nice crisp signature

Rare Fidel Castro original document signed in full and framed : fidel Castro -scarce




This is signed twice Aileen Carol Wuornos and was dated by her 02-19-91. This piece has been since framed in a golden frame.

Aileen Wuornos signed in full on 3 x 5 framed paper -scarce



Lizzie Borden Fall River 1892

Lizzie Borden limited edition porcelain plate




Edward Gein typed postcard signed in full Edward Gein -SCARCE



Hair locks from Douglas Clark, Ted Frank, Lawrence Bittaker and Randy Kraft

Original Lawrence Bittaker Mugshot signed and dated from 1993




Original German WWII Flag with golden eagles and nazi swatsikas




O.J Simpson silver card autographed in L.A County Correctionnal Facilty no.17 -Limited Edition

This card is signed O.J. Simpson




Lee Harvey Oswald original handwritten envelope to his brother Robert
signed Lee Oswald - ULtra Rare



Gary Leon Ridgway signed Prison document Gary L. Ridgway




O.J Simpson autographed golf ball from a Miami golf game signed in full O.J Simpson- one-of-kind!




Zodiac Killer movie prop used letter No 8, 1964 in protective plastic




American Psycho movie 2000
Original Paul Allen and Patrick Bateman business cards



Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
MurderMac Team




Roy L. Norris Lithography signed in full with thumbprint



Limited Edition Charles Manson handmade scorpion with strings 12 inch long


Limited Edition print signed by Roy Norris with thumbprint

Murder Mac team pencil sketch by Roy Norris




 John Wayne Gacy
Killer clown


Spectre Studio John Gacy resin figure 7 inch handpainted



John Wayne Gacy authentic swatch of shirt worn on Deathrow with copy of original card

Just a Note from John Wayne Gacy N00921




They Call him Mr.Gacy signed book by John Wayne Gacy



PEZ candy distributor John Gacy- limited Edition

Clown can get away with anything

Jeffrey Dahmer
Milwaukee Cannibal


Jeffrey Dahmer 12’’ blow- up  Doll


Elmer Wayne Henley pencil masterpiece signed in full Elmer Wayne Henley Jr.


Jeffrey Dahmer Spectre Studio resin figure

Charles Manson
Manson Family

Charles Manson blow-up doll 12’’



Charles Manson original signed fingerprint chart framed with mug shot




Al Capone original personal 925 silver belt buckle with carved initials AC




Charles Manson signatures trough time 1975-2000



Keith Hunter Jesperson 1999 color pencil on paper



More Manson Family collectibles 



Lynette Fromme,Pat Krenwinkel, Bobby Beausoleil, Dennis Rice



Corcoran envelope, prison picture and prison photograph ticket



Charles Manson framed display with original postcard

Charles Manson cell items from Corcoran prison


Charles Manson prison ID –Corcoran



Edward Gein
American Psycho Farmhouse original relic

Authentic Ed Gein Farm house piece foundation



Weird Trips Ed Gein vol.2 Comic



Edward Gein spectre studio resin figure 7 inch



Official Ed Gein Fan Club pack, Fingerprintchart, Official Member Pin, Fan Club sticker and pictures




Edward Gein signed envelope and greeting card with his mother’s bronze cross. Published and judge the hottest true crime collectible out-there.





Ed Gein figure 12 inches highly accurate and detailed collectors bust



Rick Staton holding vintage handpainted Ed Gein figure


Richard Ramirez
Night Stalker prison tape on Deathrow


Original Richard Ramirez used prison Led-Zep tape San Quentin



Richard Ramirez flashing a pentagram spectre studio figure 7 inch hand painted




Richard Ramirez court picture flashing a pentagram




Richard Ramirez convicted Night Stalker Herald Examiner




Face of Evil : The Terror and the Trial



Mark David Chapman
John Lennon’s Killer

New York Post ‘Devil made me do it’



Mark Chapman original collectibles





Bill Bonin and his accomplices James Munro and Grey Miley


It was a nickname given by the media and later police forces to what they believed to be a single serial killer claiming victims in California, USA during the 1970’s. He often dumped his victims along the freeway. They later found that some were isolated incident.


A total of three killers were convicted claiming over 110 victims between them. None of them new each other during their crime sprees, although Bonin and Kraft became acquainted while on Death Row.

Patrick Kearney – 1977 , William Bonin – 1980 , Randy Kraft - 1983

(ALS) William Bonin handwritten note signed

Sincerly, Bill


Original William Bonin full signature on 3 x 5 index card with thumbprint



The Vampire Clan Killers :

Rodericck Ferell, Howard Anderson, Charity Keesee and Dana Lynn Cooper.

Complete team signatures

(ALS) Letter of 5 pages written by Rod Ferrell with the original handwritten prison envelope.
The letter is written in a satanic calligraphy with hundreds of inverted cross’s and is signed Sincerely, Rod. The original envelope is signed in full with complete address and prison stamped. This is a  superbe set with great information from the Vampire Clan Leader.




(ALS) Handwritten 2 pages by Charity Keesee with doodles with the original handwritten envelope. This letter is signed peace-out Shea and the return envelope is signed in full Charity Keesee with complete return address from Florida Correctional Instituation.




Dana Lynn Cooper handwritten greeting card signed in full twice with original green handwritten envelope also signed in full. Very unique set: CATS think you’re special and I do too. Sincerely Dana Lynn Cooper


(ALS) Letter of 4 pages written by Dana Lynn Cooper with the original stamped handwritten prison envelope. The letter contains lots of nice information and has doodles made by Dana while she was in her cell. It’s signed Love Always, Dana L. Cooper. It’s signed a second time XOXOXOXO Dana L. The original envelope is signed in full with complete address and prison stamped. This is a superbe set with great information in good condition.



(ALS) Letter of 2 pages written by Howard Anderson with the original handwritten prison envelope. The letter is signed Sincerely, Scott. The original envelope is signed in full with complete address and prison stamped. This is a  superbe set with great information from the Vampire Clan Complice.



The Chicago Rippers Crew

A satanic cult composed if Robin Gecht who once worked for John Wayne Gacy. The group of 4 members: Edward Spreitzer, Robin Gecht, Andrew Kokoraleis and Tommy kokoraleis were suspected in the disappearances of over 18 women in Chicago, Illinois.

(ALS) Handwritten multi-pages from Edward Spreitzer. Love letter to his gal with original handwritten envelope with a total of 2 signatures.


(TLS) Typed letter on original Robin Gecht stationnary signed in full Robin Gecht –SCARCE

(TLS) Close-up full signature from Robin Gecht in black ink

(CS) Edward Spreitzer original cut signature on 3 x 5 lined paper signed Edward Spreitzer

(HE) Andrew Kokoraleis original handwritten envlope with 6 lines written in his hand. This envelope was sent from prison in 1995 and is still in great shape and is signed in full.

(ALS) Tommy Kokoraleis, handwritten full page from 1994 signed Your Friend, Tom Kokoraleis


Russian Police document with cannibalized body -Private Collection



Mark David Chapman
The Prisonner’s letter limited Edition published booklet



Clyde Barrow handwritten letter copy from The Medical Examiner framed



Albert DeSalvo handmade prison bracelet with typed note and original box


Russian 1951 Stalin-Lenin Document stamped and signed

22 x 30 cm - ready for framing!!!



Arthur Shawcross Christmas letter were he talks about the numerous time being sexualy abused by his mother....leading to the Genesse prostitute killings!!! -Scarce-