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Born on December 24, 1960 is a Chineese-American Serial Killer.
With Leonard Lake he is suspected of murdering between 11 and 25 victims at Lake's ranch in Calaveras County, California.

After a long extradition battle in Canada Ng stood trial in the US and was convicted of 11 murders, and is currently on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison.




Ng then met Leonard Lake in 1983 and the pair are suspected of murdering between 11 and 25 victims at Lake's ranch in Calaveras County, California. They filmed themselves raping and torturing their victim
The crimes came to light in 1985 when Lake committed suicide after being arrested for a firearms offense and police searched his ranch and found human remains.

Charles Ng was identified as Lake's partner in the crimes. Ng fled to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where he was arrested by the Calgary Police Service on July 6, 1985 after resisting arrest for shoplifting at The Bay department store. Ng pulled a gun on two security officers, and after a brief struggle Ng shot one of them in the hand. However, the two officers did manage to overpower him and held him in custody. Ng was charged and subsequently convicted of shoplifting, felonious assault and possession of a concealed firearm.
He was sentenced to four and half years in a Canadian prison.



After a long extradition, Ng was finally handed over to the U.S. authorities. Ng stood trial on 12 counts of murder in 1998, which he was convicted on February 11, 1999, of 11 of the murders, those of six men, three women and two baby boys, and was sentenced to death. Ng's trial was lengthy and cost the state approximately $14 million, which was at the time of the trial the most expensive trial in California state history.

This piece is a painting he did in 2002
(San Quentin Death Row)



Dolphins Sunset Watercolor 2002
(San Quentin Death Row)


The serial killer Charles Ng has been sentenced to death for a campaign of sexual torture and murder in rural California.
Ng, a Hong Kong emigre and former US Marine, was convicted in May of murdering six men, three women and two baby boys in 1984 and 1985.
He had tried to stave off sentencing in the 14-year-old case by claiming he was too tired to proceed, and then by trying to fire his lawyers.
Members of the victims' families applauded when Judge John Ryan announced the death sentence at the court in Santa Ana.
Ng sat devoid of expression as the sentence was pronounced. Earlier he had shown no reaction when victims' family members gave tearful speeches about the loss of loved ones.
The judge rejected a motion to reduce the jury's death sentence recommendation, and said that Ng was a willing partner of the man he blames for the killings.
"Mr Ng was not under any duress, nor does the evidence support that he was under the domination of Leonard Lake," the judge said.
Cabin of horror
Ng has spent 14 years fighting murder charges. The jury recommended the death penalty on 3 May.
Prosecutors said his women victims were imprisoned, tortured and raped after being lured to a cabin belonging to Lake.
Charred human remains and the victims' belongings were found at the cabin in the Sierra Nevada foothills 150 miles east of San Francisco.
The spate of killings ended in June 1985 when Lake was arrested for shoplifting in San Francisco.
Ng managed to slip away and Lake later killed himself by swallowing cyanide pills sewn into his clothing.
Ng fled to Canada, where he was arrested and fought extradition for five years.
Once extradited, he was put on trial in southern California because of pretrial publicity, and the case dragged on as he hired and fired attorneys.
Ng denied he killed anyone, and said he did not know Lake planned to kill, either. But jurors watched graphic videotapes in which Lake and Ng were seen tormenting bound women.
The marathon trial is estimated to have cost $14m, making it one of the longest and costliest prosecutions in California.


Charles Ng Drivers License N9226420
(Expires on December 24, 1987)



Charles Ng Mugshot 06/12/07
(San Quentin Death Row)

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