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*We are not trying to hurt or provoke the family of the victims by advertising any of these crime related pieces* We've lost too many loved ones and know how it feels like*

We have built our collection with years of hard work and determination to bring you some of the most sought after true crime pieces in existence for the crime collector or enthusiast.

We guarantee each and every piece we have in stock

to be nothing but 100% authentic!




BEWARE of people offering suspicious signatures, artwork or collectibles. Having spent over 10 years collecting crime memorabilia and doing our research to assure the items we offer are nothing but authentic. Providing provenance and the history behind items is important and even crucial. It’s the least a collector can do when he is ready to sell an item from his private collection.


We are constantly adding items from Gangsters, Serial Killers, Mass Murderers, Spree Killers, Cannibals, Hitmans, Cult Leader, Dictators and more. All of these items are pre-approved before they are listed for sale or auctionned.