Erzebeth Bathory 27 x 36 oil painting

Erzebeth Bathory 27 x 36 oil painting- handpainted copy extremely accurate and identical to the original




Roch Theriault oil handprints on canvas with original published article talking about it -one-of-kind!

Both arwork and aricle are framed signed on front and back - Scarce










Ottis Toole framed and matted handprint in paint on 8.5 x 11 paper

This is signed Ottis Toole in ink and includes a COA



Satan by Nico Claux on old satanic papyrus

Satan by Nico Claux on old satanic papyrus paper with superbe details signed N.Claux

Framed in old black carved frame looks like a Satanic relic - Superbe piece-



Theodore Robert Bundy July 1986 

Theodore Robert Bundy framed one page letter from July 1986 . This letter was made to be framed-Scarce




Richard Ramirez Night Stalker superbe in artwork on paper from San Quentin

This is graded 10 Extremely beautiful piece!

This is signed Richard Ramirez and framed in a superbe modern thick black frame Signed in full in black ink Richard Ramirez- Night Stalker - Scarce




American’s Prisoner hardcover prison memoirs
written and signed by General Manuel Noriega of Panama

One-of-Kind signed in full with blue ink, dated and has a prison label intact




Jack The Ripper Infamous Letter written in blood

Dear Boss Letter Limited Edition of 1000 –Museum impression-

JACK THE RIPPER: The "Dear Boss" Letter
Timeframed Limited, in association with the Public Record Office
2000, 577mm x 632mm.
Limited edition of 1000 copies



KU KLUX Klan confession letter evidence Press Photo June 5, 1922

Original press wire photograph -Scarce




Ku Klux Klan membership wire press from 1923

Original press wire photograph -Scarce



JeFF Dahmer -The Milwaukee Cannibal-

Jeffrey Dahmer original handwritten postcard sent from prison

Signed: Sincerely, Jeff


This is a prestine condition postcard perfectly preserved handwritten and signed by Jeff Dahmer




PRISON LIFE-MANSON Get off his back

John Wayne Gacy Prison Life magazine Vol.1, No.1 Charles Manson Issue signed John W Gacy




Theodore Robert Bundy original FBI Wanted poster FBI/DOJ
Framed with original Ted Bundy handwritten envelope from 1987 signed T.Bundy

Superbe Bundy collectibles in superbe condition - Scarce




Theodore Robert Bundy original Jan 31st, 1978 fingerprint chart wanted poster framed with 1987 Christmas card signed love , Ted

Superbe Bundy collectibles in superbe condition - Scarce




Original Henry Lee Lucas biblical oil painting on canvas


Original Henry Lee Lucas biblical oil painting showing Christ and 3 fisherman catching lots of fishes.  Signed on the front and back Henry Lee Lucas



Death Row Art Show original poster August 7th -31st

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