Jerome Brudos original handmade leather wallet from prison



Carol M. Bundy original handwritten envelope with artwork from 1993. Signed 3 times in full with artwork this is a perfect 10 envelope rarely seen.

Carol Bundy artwork 1993



Charles Albright watercolor painting with color pencils


Charles Whitman Yearbook 1963

Charles Whitman yearbook Cactus 1963, University of Texas



Jim Jones Guyana collectibles
In memory of Joe Ryan




David Koresh leader of the Davidian branch sect original business card



Albert DeSalvo handmade prison bracelet


Richard Norbert Clarey original ink pen artwork



Gary Leon Ridgway prison document signed in full


Keith Jesperson Lions vs Zebra pastel artwork



Arthur John Shawcross signed book with picture of
 Arthur and Clara Shawcross. To my Best Friend ,……….
Mr.+Mrs Arthur J. Shawcross



Theodore Robert Bundy original iron tool with documentation

Theodore Robert Bundy used iron Tool from Beetle car with
signed LOA and documentation, registration and ownership of the original car included.



Lee Boyd Malvo 8.5 x 11 pastel drawing signed in full


Aileen Wuornos prison Shirt on Death Row


MOB Boss Alphonse Capone signed baseball




Frank Lee Morris original FBI wanted poster




Aileen Carol Wuornos original double signature 3 x 5 framed



Arthur Leigh Allen Employee’s withholding certificate

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