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Benito Mussolini silver collection

Benito Mussolini owned sugar bowl from 1937

Bottom view Stamped

Benito Mussolini stamped bowl owned by Mussolini



One-Of-Kind contract letter From John Wayne Gacy to Rick Staton

John Wayne Gacy original contract to art dealer Rick Staton signed in full : John Wayne Gacy


Rick Staton and Sister visits John Wayne Gacy in Prison

John Wayne Gacy original prison Polaroid dated 10/31/90 signed JW -SCARCE


SON OF SAM typed poem in prison signed in full

David Berkowitz prison original one-of-kind typed poem signed in full David Berkowitz-Ultra rare


Edward Gein handcrafted bone carved with psycho wig and Gein hat and superbe badge

Dead Gein actual size wood bone carving



David Berkowitz owned bible page with actual handwritting by the SOn Of sAm from late 70's

David Berkowitz Bible page sent few months after arrest with blasphemous writing- Scarce


Theodore Robert Bundy attacks the Chi Omega sorority house

Ted Bundy original Chi Omega early picture



Jeffrey Dahmer handwritten prison letter talking about his new job that involves swooping with a mop and cleaning window. He will die a year later in 1994 working and moping the floor with inmate Christopher Scarver

Jeffrey Dahmer 2 page handwritten letter signed Sincerely, J.D with original slip of money transfer to his account no.22118


Ultra abstract artwork handrawn and handsigned by Charles Manson

Charles Manson original 8 1/2 x 11 ink artwork signed Charles Manson

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