Keith Hunter Jesperson artwork sent to his father Les Jesperson

This piece is the best Jesperson Piece out there. We have 2 letters of Keith Jesperson with original stamped envelopes talking about this piece. Asking how much it’s worth out there. We also included close ups of Keith signatures

Keith Jesperson was mad to know that it was bought from his Dad few months after he sent it to his Dad. This piece took hundreds of hours to be achieved and is as good as it can get.


Whatever was read on Daisyseven or written is false – How about 2 letters with 2 signatures on the piece for a COA? We forgive Daisyseven as there was no way of them to know. This is simply the correction of this once and for all.  


This piece is signed on the back To Dad Les Jesperson
From Keith Hunter Jesperson Oct 9th 2000
The front of this piece is signed Keith Jesperson with a Happy Face



JiM Jones -Guyana cult leader 

Jim Jones Christian Crusades, inc. Lp with original card and pamphlet



Hillside Strangler-Kenneth Bianchi's elementry and high-school original diplomas signed

Kenneth Bianchi personnal Elementry and High school diplomas. This is the ones he obtained and are originals and signed-SCARCE



Son of Sam 1979 hardcoverbook with a letter on first page signed in full

David Berkowitz signed hardcover book about serial killer Edmund Kemper ‘’ The Co-ed Killer’’ This book in from 1979 and is signed twice -SCARCE


Kenneth Bianchi's original one-of-kind security badge

Kenneth Bianchi personnal guard badge from the time he used to work
as a security guard



Kenneth Bianchi's original one-of-kind 1969 personnal Yearbook signed

Kenneth bianchi’s personnal Yearbook from 1968 with over 30 notes from his friends and teachers wishing him the best and complimenting him on how smart he is and how he will get a high end job and make lots of money in future living like a king and happy with no worries.
This is signed by Ken on the first page identifying his own yearbook when he got it.-SCARCE



Nico Claux early 16 x20 Biography artwork  as shown in Collectors

Nico Claux amazing biographical published pencil drawing signed in full Nicolas Claux SD-98 - SACRCE


Daniel Siebert-artwork

Daniel Siebert 8,5 x 11 Beastial Painting signed Siebert


Edward Gein greeting card with his mother Augusta's bronze cross

Edward Gein original Greeting card with original envelope postmarked and stamped. This was sent from the mental hospital and included his mother Augusta Gein’s personnal bronze cross worn for years around her neck while she read Edward the Bible


The Aural Remedies Coy. document signed in full H.H.Crippe

Dr.Crippen original signed H.H Crippen document-n-SCARCE


Dr.Death Jack Kevorkian early letter

Dr.Jack Kevorkian TLS framed to Dr. Marks with mugshot signed in full Jack kevorkian M.D



Robert Pickton - B.C - killed over 50 prostitutes and fed them to the pigs

Robert Pickton – Pig farmer ALS
Handwritten multi-page very rare signed in full Robert Pickton.
Original handwritten envelope is included



Theodore John Kaczynski – The Unabomber

The Unabomber USPS label filled by him and has a full unique signature
signed : Theodore John Kaczynski



Gary Leon Ridgway handwritten confession

I’m sorry for killing all these ladys….One of the best pieces that ever existed in the true crime world
This is signed in full Gary L Ridgway
- ultra rare



Mason is Hitler's SON

Bulletin –New Evidence Reveals…
Charles Manson is Illegitimate Son of Adolf Hitler

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