Handwritten 5 pages e of his Cellar of Horror

The cellar is drawn and described in details. Victim and how the were attached and how they died. Who killed who? Were did the exactly die? Everything is in this unique letter. One tru crime collectors piece. He talks about documentary and book made on the cellar of horror and mistakes in them. Talks about FBI and forensic blood splatter.
This is by far the best Heidnik letter out there.






Arthur Leigh Allen signed document
Zodiac Killer suspect


Arthur Leigh Allen is/was probably the best known Zodiac suspect. He was neither arrested, nor cleared.
While there was never anything to arrest him on, there was a mountain of circumstantial evidence that linked him to the Zodiac.

- Zodiac appeared to have a navy influence. Allen's dad was in the navy.
- Allen wore a Zodiac watch (go to the Zodiac Watches in the
Linkssection), ring, and quoted some phrases the Zodiac used.
- People claimed they remembered Allen saying he was going to kill people and call himself the Zodiac.
- Allen was close to the areas of where each murder occured.

But at the same time, there were things that pointed away from Allen or were just inconclusive.


Towards the last few years of his life Allen began giving interviews. Sometimes choosing to hide his face. He denied that he was the Zodiac, even weeping in an interview. Did Allen know that he did not have much time left? If he wasn't the Zodiac then perhaps he wanted to clear his name in a slowly dying, deathbed confession. But Allen had no kids, very little family members, not many friends and a convicted pedophile. So he had very little family to want to protect from being associated with the Zodiac. Allen was already looked upon as scum for being a pedophile, his denial of being the Zodiac would not do much to make him look better. So there did not appear to be much of a reason for Allen to lie. However if he was the Zodiac, perhaps his denial was a final stab at police. You never caught me and you never will.
Arthur Leigh Allen died in 1992.


Arthur Leigh Allen SFPD suspect
We offer you one scarce original signed document (p.60) of his teacher's evaluation. This document was filed during a conference on the
12-1-1969. It's signed Leigh Allen and was obtained directly from the director of the
Valley Springs Elem, School were Allen was teaching.
The document is over 40 years old and is in great shape.
This document is 100% Authentic with triple of your money back!


Arthur Leigh Allen - Zodiac suspect  SFPD- original signed document and more +++LOWERED!!!!

Valley Springs Elem, School original teacher’s evaluation

1199.99$ USD



Douglas Clark official marriage certificate
This is for the official marriage certificate of Douglas Clark.
This was issued by the State of California departement of health and services.
State of California Couty of Marin
On October 2, 1994 at Tamal California under the authority of a license issued by the County Clerk of the County of Marin undersigned as a deputy commissioner of marriages, joined in marriage Douglas Clark and Karen Keniston.
This piece was originaly signed by Mary Taylor, Richard Hoover as two witness'S and by
Kathryn Parish as the person solemnizing the marriage
Very Nice piece!

Douglas Clark official marriage certificate -LOWERED

299.99$ USD



William Bonin handwritten prison note on orange prison paper.
He talks about the books he will type with priceing at the time
This is signed : Sincerely Bill

149.99$ USD

129.99$ USD


Charles Manson signed Bible page from EXODUS
This is signed Charles Mac Manson with a double swastika




Micheal Bruce Ross handwritten prison envelope
This piece is signed in full Micheal B. Ross no.127404
From Northern Correctional institution

99.99$ USD

89.99$ USD



Clifford Olson personnal set of Scheaffer Caligraphy used in prison
This box was the proprety of Clifford Olson and was used by him in prison. This box contains 2 original scheaffer red ink and black in pen with original caligraphy guide and used ink cartrages.
Original box has on the back C.Olson -873352

Clifford Olson personnal set of Caligraphy material -owned and used in prison- Complete with original box and materials Clifford Olson personnal set of Caligraphy material -owned and used in prison- Complete with original box and materials

199.99$ USD



Arthur J. Shawcross Bible - The Gideons-
This auction is for Arthur Shawcross Bible owned for couple months in 2005. This bible is signed in black ink on first page Art Shawcross on the inside with Din number 91B01E3. Affixed on the inside is a original polaroid of Arthur Shawcross at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in 2005. This polaroid has a stamped prison label affixed to it stamped at 3:02 P.M , this is also signed in full Arthur J. Shawcross 2005. Original Manila envelope will also be included with this auction.

Not that Arthur was very religious but he still took time to underline some lines og page 581 in the PSALM 24 section-One-of-Kind -

Arthur J. Shawcross Bible sent in 2005 signed twice w/original polaroid and signed labelArthur J. Shawcross Bible sent in 2005 signed twice w/original polaroid and signed label

1499.99$ USD
1299.99$ USD



Veronica compton watercolor artwork
This auction is for a framed watercolor once donein prison by Veronica Compton in 1995. This piece is signed V.Compton and is dated . Veronica compton original paintings are rare and tough to find. Painting is 12 x 15 can be sent with or without frame.
Heres your chance to get an original superbe piece !

Paroled Veronica compton watercolor painting signed V.Compton 95

399.99$ USD

349.99$ USD



Jeremy Bamber - ALS- 3 handwritten pages-RARE
He starts his letter by writting his full name and prison address making this letter a super nice piece for framing. He ends by siging off take care + best wishes Jeremy. These 3 pages have a total of 2 signatures and has some great info...

Jeremy Bamber 3 handwritten pages stamped and signed twiceJeremy Bamber 3 handwritten pages stamped and signed twice

129.99$ USD



Anna Sandhu Ray Watercolor painting
dedicated to her husband James Earl Ray

This is your chance to own a painting from the late wife of James Earl Ray, Anna Sandhu Ray. This is a watercolor and ink painting on canvas and portrays two ducks in a pond.
We all know Mr.Ray's wife as a talented artist. But what makes this piece special and directly crime related is the way she signed it!
Anna Ray signed and addressed this painting in 1982 "For God & James" and signed it in full Anna Sandhu Ray + dated the piece 1982.


This painting with frame measures 19 x 22 inches and has a very unique backing to it with wood frame.
James Earl Ray's wife:Anna Sandhu Ray Watercolor painting dedicated to her husband James Earl Ray's wife:Anna Sandhu Ray Watercolor painting dedicated to her husband
499.99$ USD

399.99$ USD



Richard Kuklinski -ALS- w/original envelope and Label
Estimated 800-1000$

This is a superbe 3 page letter handwritten letter from the iceman Richard Kuklinski. Printed on special stationnary with 3 different Kuklinski pictures. The original envelope is postmarked 19 Nov 94 and has 3 lines penned in his hand. The back of the envelope has a red prison stamp : Mailed from New Jersey Prison . Richard talks about when he was caught and how he ended up in prison. He also talks about different country he visited such Vancouver, Italy, Belgium, France and Germany. He signs off : Just me

Richard kUklinski the IceMan handwritten letter w/original envelope




Danny Rolling -ARTWORK-
THat Night!

This auction is for a superbe masterpiece done by executed serial killer Danny Rolling. This piece reflects victims killed during his life.
Danny Harold Rolling (May 26, 1954October 25, 2006), "the Gainesville Ripper", was a convicted Americanserial killer. After confessing to the murderand mutilationof five students in Gainesville, Floridain August 1990, he was ultimately executed. He also confessed to rapingseveral of his victims, committing an additional 1989 triple homicide in Shreveport, Louisiana,[1] and attempting to murder his father in May 1990. In all, Rolling confessed to killing eight people, although there may have been more.
In this piece we have a total of 14 victims.
This is signed
by Danny Rolling and is titled 9-15-2005

Danny Rolling amazing 9 x 11 Masterpiece Artwork from 2005



Alcatraz – Piece of History

"This chunk of concrete is a byproduct of a major rehabilitation effort now underway on the island. It has been inspected by park historic preservation specialists to be sure that it contains nothing of research potential. The project, which includes stabilization of the historic cellhouse, is generating several tons of demolition debris that must be removed from the island. With your purchase, you have made a contribution to the ongoing preservation and restoration of Alcatraz Island for future generations".

Back of the box includes an original card as a COA
Alcatraz piece of foundation certified

39.99$ USD



Original United Press International  photo of Alcatraz prison
Inside a typical cells in Alcatraz contains some of the comforts of home. Pillows, mattress,sheets and pillow cases. Painting  apparently made by the inmate, fill the cell. This press phot is b/w 8 x 10 and has the United Press International stamp on the back with full description.

Press photo taken Apr 19, 1962

24.99$ USD



German –Nazi WWII knife
Duplicate Of Original ~ 1937 - Hilter Youth Knife - With a 6 1/2" Etched Blade. The handle is constructed with a black checkered grip with enamel, Also included is an impact resistant sheath.
10 3/4" overall in size

Dagger is an exact copy of the original 1937




Fidel Castro original ticket –University of Washington-

On Thursday, December 2nd , 1999 Cuban President Fidel Castro was slated to give an address to the World Trade Organization at the University of Washigton. This speech never took place as Castro was not permitted to enter the country. This Ticket is in mint condition !

Door A Row H Seat 11

249.99$ USD



Nazi SS armband with original postcard
Nazi stamped

99.99$ USD



Original nazi party WW!! bronze pin
Size is approx 2 ½ inches

39.99$ USD



Original Fidel Castro painting on Canvas
This beautiful painting is on half inch thick canvas and is 8 x 10
Signed on the back Ralf Uicker and numbered 4 of 10

Original acrylic on canvas
By Ralf Uicker

149.99$ USD




Original Che Guverra painting on canvas

This beautiful painting is made of acrylic paint and  is an original on
8 x 10 canvas. Signed on the back Ralf Uicker 1 of 10

149.99$ USD



German nazi document
Untrag auf Fahrpreisermakigung

Original 1943 stamped on MRZ. 01

129.99$ USD



This is a very high quality Nazi Wehrmacht porcelain dish from the maker BAUSHER WEIDEN from 1941. There are no chips or cracks on this dish. Minor scratching in the dish due to use.
Measures 23 cm diameter

FI” UV’ 1941




This is a Nazi Wehrmacht porcelain dish from the maker Erlag Elbogen from 1939. There are no chips or cracks on this dish. Minor scratching in the dish due to use.
Measures 23 cm diameter

Original high quality porcelain nazi dish Epiag Elbogen 1939



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