Nicolas Claux Watercolor painting on cardboard signed Nico SD 96


Superbe piece!

Nico Claux gorgeous painting + it's the earliest painting out there!!!! WOW! -Take a look at this beauty!-

599.99$ USD

499.99$ USD


Richard Ramirez artwork - 666- Letter w/envelope included
This Night Stalker lot includes a 3 x 5 signed sponge Bob index card with the original handwritten letter and envelope. Envelope and index card are both signed in full : Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez 8.5 x 11 ink drawing signed in full Richard Ramirez + original envelope and letter-Lowered!!!




Original Wanted Posters of the Infamous Ladies of the Symbionese Liberation Army.
***ORIGINALS*** dated Sept. 24 1974.

PATTY HEARST Kidnapping and her time with the SLA Hearst posing for an SLA picture On February 4, 1974 the 19-year-old Hearst was kidnapped from the Berkeley, California apartment that she shared with her fiance Steven Weed, by an urban guerrilla terrorist group called the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). When the attempt to prisoner-swap Hearst for jailed SLA members failed, the SLA made ransom demands which resulted in the donation by the Hearst family of $6 million worth of food to the poor of the Bay Area. After the distribution of food, Hearst was still not released. On April 15, 1974, she was photographed wielding an assault rifle while robbing the Sunset District branch of the Hibernia Bank in San Francisco. Later communications from her were issued under the pseudonym Tania (from the nickname of Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider) and revealed that she was committed to the goals of the SLA. A warrant was issued for her arrest and in September 1975, she was arrested in an apartment with other SLA members.


EMILY HARRIS Later SLA and Opsahl murder Emily and Bill Harris came to lead the SLA after six other members died in a shootout with police and the house fire it triggered. The Harris spent over a year with kidnapping victim Patty Hearst after the fire. Hearst had since become an active participant in SLA crimes herself. During that year the SLA committed a string of crimes, including a April 21, 1975 robbery of Crocker National Bank in Sacramento, California. During the robbery, 42-year old Myrna Ospahl was shotgunned to death. Opsahl was depositing a church collection at the time. Patty Hearst stated in her 1982 autobiography Every Secret Thing that Emily was the shooter. Other SLA members had urged Harris not to bring the shotgun to the robbery, as it had accidentally gone off twice during preparations. The Harris were eventually arrested and served eight years in prison for the Hearst kidnapping. For her part in the SLA crimes, Hearst was senteced to seven years in prison. After twenty-one months Hearst's sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter and she was released. Imprisoned at the California Institution for Women at Frontera, California, Emily Harris went on a hunger strike until she was admitted into the prison 's computer-training program.


179.99$ USD





Nico Claux owned prison 3X -T-Shirt from 2003
This auction is for a Department of correction orange size : 3X
prison shirt owned by the Vampire of Paris : Nico Claux for a short period of time
The shirt is signed in full Nico Claux -2003-''Vampire of Paris'' in black marker
Nico Claux was released since making this a true collectors piece!
Original Nico Claux one page handwritten and signed letter is included to be framed with this shirt!!!

Nico Claux '' The VAMPIRE OF PARIS'' prison shirt shirt signed in full

349.99$ USD



Hadden Clark original prison used toothbrush
Colgate toothbrush
From Maryland JCI
This is signed in full Hadden Clark with prison number
and a prison sticker on it


29.99$ USD



Arthur J. Shawcross - Artwork signed in full-
This is for a superbe 8 x 10 very significative piece for collector called now and forever done by Arthur Shawcross at the Sullivan Correctional Facility. This piece is signed in full and is 100 % Authentic!
Buy it and frame it!
Arthur Shawcross passed away on November 10th. 2008

Now and Forever 8 x 10 artwork by Arthur J. Shawcross




John Wayne Gacy biography screenplay
 '' To Catch a Killer'' signed by Gacy
Super rare one-of-kind complete television screenplay from Gacy bio-film, "To Catch a Killer" (filmed in Canada, starring Brian Dennehy as Pogo and Michael Riley as Detective Joe Kozenczak) signed, "J.W. Gacy" .
This is dated 9/15/90 with derogatory statements from a very annoyed Gacy!

Here's Kozenczak Tv screenPlay what garbage. I never said any of the comments he claim to me.
This is signed J W Gacy and dated 9/15/90

John Wayne Gacy original biography screenplay '' To Catch a Killer'' signed and dated by Gacy
699.99$ USD



Tim Mc Veight -Oklahoma Bomber -
This auction is for a superbe framed and matted mugshot of Tim McVeigh with an original business card signed Stephen Jones with short greeting note....
Total size of frame is 8 x 10
This particular piece was in the news numerous times!
Tim Mc Veigh -Oklahoma bomber mughshot with original business card from his lawyer signed !!!
124.99$ USD



I HATE PEOPLE by Nico Claux
This is signed in full Nicolas in real blood on carboard




Daniel Sibert pencil sketch

This superbe sketch was done in 2002 while in prison.
9 x 12 in size this piece is signed Sibert 02


Daniel Siebert pencil artwork - size 8.5 x 11-

Original German WW2 bronze medal KVK with swords
This auction is for a scarce 100% original, great condition ,hard to find in this condition KvK medal with swords

Original German ww2 medal KVK with swords

149.99$ USD



Issei Sagawa - DNA- semen in vial
This is something cops don't even have at the moment Sagawa semen for further disapearence and murder investigations! Ultra Rare and only one out there. Picture of Issei Sagawa himself holding the vial is presented as COA and lifetime authenticity.
Serious collectors are welcome with reasonable offer.

Issei Sagawa semen in vial - This is ultra rare as its the only vial with sagawa DNA out there- SCARCE
1199.99$ USD

899.99$ USD



Eric Rudolph -ALS- with original envelope
Full handwritten page ready to be framed! This is signed Eric at the bottom and is signed in full with complete address in the middle! Envelope is also included and is filled in Mr.Rudolphs hand.
Total of 3 different type of signatures: Eric, Eric Rudolph, Eric R. Rudolph !!!
Nice set!

Eric Robert Rudolph (born September 19, 1966), also known as the Olympic Park Bomber, is an American radical described by the FBI as a terrorist who committed a series of bombings across the southern United States which killed two people and injured at least 150 others.

Rudolph declared that his bombings were part of a guerrilla campaign against abortion and what he describes as "the homosexual agenda." He spent years as the FBI's most wanted criminal fugitive, but was eventually caught. In 2005 Rudolph pleaded guilty to numerous federal and state homicide charges and accepted five consecutive life sentences in exchange for avoiding a trial and the death penalty.

Rudolph was connected with the white supremacist Christian Identity movement. Although he has denied that his crimes were religiously or racially motivated, Rudolph has also called himself a Roman Catholic in "the war to end this holocaust" (of abortion).
Eric Rudolph -rare- original handwritten letter w/envelope -total of 3 signatures!!!
299.99$ USD



William '' Bill '' Bonin MOST DETAILED PIECE 23 x 30
William "Bill" George Bonin
Bonin was executed on February 23rd, 1996

-California's ''Freeway serial killer''. Bonin was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of 14 teenage boys between 1979 and 1980. Suspected of killing other males in Kern, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino though never prosecuted for these killings.
William "Bill Bonin"

Approximately 23 x 30 inches in size. Bonin has titled this piece,
"Present & Past Curses Resolved"
Very nice cubic art! One of his best and most detailed piece.
It is #93 and signed in full and dated, 10-3-1990, Bill

1499.99$ USD

699.99$ USD



Arthur John Shawcross Vinyl painting
This auction is for a superbe 8 x 10 framed art by serial killer cannibal Arthur Shawross. This piece is done on vinyl board with black markers and blue paint. This is signed in black in By : Arthur J. Shawcross 2005
Piece can be sent without frame for lower shipping

Arthur John Shawcross artwork on Vinyl signed in full from 2005


Douglas Clark Official Birth certificate
vErY NIcE!
Douglas Clark RARE official birth certificate
399.99$ USD

249.99$ USD


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