Redrumautographs 44 greeting cards from Notorious Worldwide Serial Killers and murderers!!!


Gettings from David Berkowitz Especially for you signed Your Friend + Bro David



Robert Yates and Wife Christmas card signed Robert, Linda & Family
Washington State Pennitentiary -Death Row-



Bernard Giles A MERRY Christmas card signed: the best, Gene



Richard Allen Davis 2001 Christmas card signed Sincerely Love + Respect Richard



Richard Allen Davis christmas card signed, Merry XMAS Richard



Greg Kuhn Ho, Ho, Ho greeting card signed Sincerely Greg



Best Wishes card from James Koedatich Merry : Christmas, James



Edward Spreitzer Holiday card
Happy Holidays  Love always! Edward 



Edward Spreitzer : A Christmas Wish
Merry Christmas Love always, Edward



Clifford Olson greeting card with two typed poem on the inside both signed Clifford



Greetings from Clifford Olson card signed in gold pen from Clifford



Susan Smith superbe greeting card with art on the indide signed With love, Susan



Wishing you the Warmest Holiday Season Love, Susan



Christmas card from Dr.Michael Swango



Greeting card from Natasha Cornett signed Eternally Natasha



Christmas card : He Knows if you’ve been bad or good…Eternally Natasha



In loving memory card from the league of Saint Anthony Memorial
signed in full Arthur J. Shawcross



A Blessing Christmas signed in full Arthur John Shawcross 2005



I love you card from Jim Ruzika signed Now and Forever, Jim



Santé Kimes greeting card with long message on the in side signed Santé Kimes



Charles Albright holiday season card signed Charles from 2006



Ultra Rare Season’s Greetings card from Joel Rifkin
New Year in a world of peace and harmony, Joel


Angelo Buono Rejoice greeting card from 1998 signed, Love Angelo



Lots of love from me to you card signed Best Wishes John Gacy



Richard Ramirez and Wife Joy card signed Best Wishes Doreen and Richard Ramirez



Greeting card from Ian Steward Brady signed Best wishes, Ian



James Files Happy Holiday card signed Friends, Jimmy



Tony Smith Season’s greetings card signed, Tony



Robert Diaz Egyptian greeting card signed Later, Bob


Peter Sutcliffe greeting card from 1998




Roy L. Norris handpainted Greeting card from 2004 signed in full Roy L. Norris


Ferill Mickens handpainted card from 2003 signed Easy Mikens



Joe Metheny handmade birthday card signed in full Joe Metheny AKA Tiny



Dana Lynn Cooper special Cats card signed Sincerely Dana Lynn Cooper



Superbe handmade card with cat drawing and origami art signed in full Charles Ng 2001 and again Love Charles



Merry X-Mass by Nathan Bar-Jonah signed your friend Nathan



Happy B-day handmade card by Phil Jablonski signed from your friend Phil



Superbe handmade card by Dorothea Puente with color strings signed twice: Pente and Dorothea Puente



Dorothea Puente superbe card from 2005 signed, in friendship Dorothea



Wayne Henley’s mother Mary Blessing card for X-Mass signed Love and Prayers Mary



Wayne Henley handpainted card from 2003 signed Wayne



Christine Falling Friendship card signed, your friend Christine from 2006




Christine Falling Santa Claus card signed, your friend Christine Falling



Nathaniel Code superbe card with original envelope both signed



Elmer Wayne Henley handpainted X-Mass card signed on the inside



Redrumautographs Cannibals, Serial Killer and Massmurderers Collectibles:


99.99$ USD



Nathan Bar-Jonah envelope signed in full

Deceased serial killer Nathan Bar –Jonah prison envelope with Halloween page wishes. The prison envelope is signed in full Nathan Bar-Jonah and the page is signed Your Friend, Nathan. Superbe set, ideal for framing!

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was found unresponsive early Sunday April 13, 2008. He had been in poor health. His post mortem found significant levels of LDL in his arteries and myocardial infarction was the determined cause of death





Deceased Nathan Bar-Jonah 4 pages handwritten letter with the original envelope from Montana State Prison. This was sent a year before he passed away. The 4 pages are on a special stationary with nice information…pleasant to read! The envelope is signed in full Nathan Bar -Jonah and the letter is signed Your Friend, Nathan.


99.99$ USD

79.99$ USD



Roderick Ferrell- Vampire Clan Leader

Roderick Justin Ferrell (born March 28, 1980) was the leader of a loose-knit gang of teenagers from Murray, Kentucky, infamously known as the "Vampire Clan." In 1998, Ferrell pled guilty to the double slaying of a couple from Eustis, Florida, becoming the youngest person in the United States on Death Row. Ferrell told people that he was a 500-year-old vampire named Vesago.

This is for a superbe set from The Vampire Clan leader. You will get 5 full handwritten pages from 2004. These pages are written in a satanic way making every possible letter to be written with an inverted cross. Hundereds of inverted cross’s are drawn over letters while he writes this from prison.

The envelope is also included it’s prison stamped and is signed in full Roderick Ferrell

He signs off : Eternaly ROD

69.99$ USD

39.99$ USD



Eugene McWatters
Man gets death sentences in 2004 Salerno Stranglings spree
Eugene McWatters received the death sentence after being convicted of murdering Jackie Bradley, 43, Christal Wiggins, 29, and Carrie Caughey, 18. In addition to his death sentence, McWatters received three consecutive life sentences for the rape of the three victims.

This is 4 handwritten pages written from Raiford Florida were he is housed. The envelope has a full signature with 7 lines penned by him. He signs off your new found friend, Gene


29.99$ USD

19.99$ USD



Dorothea Helen Puente (born January 9, 1929) is a convicted American serial killer. In the 1980s, Puente ran a boarding house in Sacramento, California, and cashed the Social Security checks of her elderly and mentally disabled boarders. Those who complained were killed and buried in her yard.

This is for a nice set ideal for framing! Both envelope and letter is signed in full
Dorothea Puente. Nice prison stamp on the envelope dated from Oct 2007

19.99$ USD


Harrison Graham
Harrison Graham - Black serial killer who left the corpses of his victims scattered among his apartment when he moved.  When police arrested Graham, he claimed the bodies of his victims were already in the apartment when he moved in.

On August 14, another skull and partial skeleton were excavated from the dirt floor of a row house three doors down from Graham's building. He surrendered two days later and confessed to seven murders since the winter months of 1986. According to his statement, Graham picked up female addicts on the street, enticing them with offers of a fix, and brought them home where they were murdered after sex. On August 26, psychiatrists declared that he was competent for trial.

In April 1988, dispensing with his right to trial by jury, Graham laid his case before a solitary judge. Convicted on seven counts of first-degree murder and seven counts of abusing a corpse, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, followed by six electrocutions. The unusual sentence -- hailed by Graham's lawyer as "compassionate and brilliant" -- theoretically assures that he will never be paroled.
This set is from 2001 including a handwritten envelope with stickers prison stamped signed H.Graham. The handwritten letter is 4 pages with weird information before he signed off : Harrisson T.Graham

14.99$ USD



Phill Carl Jablonski

Jablonski is charged with the April 22, 1991 death of Fathyma Vann, 38, in Indio, California. Vann was a fellow student at the local community college that Jablonski attended to satisfy conditions of his parole. Fathyma, a recently widowed mother of two teenage girls, was found shot in the head and sexually assaulted, lying naked in a shallow ditch in the Indio desert with the words "I Love Jesus" carved in her back. Her body had been subjected to other mutilations including removal of her eyes and ears.

The following day, April 23, 1991, Jablonski's wife, Carol (nee Spadoni), 46, and her mother, Eva Peterson, 72, were murdered at their home in Burlingame. Spadoni was shot, suffocated with duct tape, then stabbed, while Peterson was sexually assaulted and shot.

Carol Spadoni met and married Jablonski in 1982, after answering a newspaper ad placed while Jablonski was serving time for having murdered his first wife, Melinda Kimball, in Palm Springs, California in 1978.
Jablonski was also charged with the robbery and subsequent murder of Margie Rogers, 58, in Grand County, Utah, on April 27, 1991. He was captured the following day in Kansas. He was found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death.

In January 2006, the California Supreme Court upheld Jablonski's death sentence on appeal.
This is a 4 pages handwritten confession with a list of his convictions up to date as he writes it. This is from 2001 and is signed at the end, Love, Phil. The envelope is a manila and is also included  with 12 lines penned in his hand and full signature Jablonski Phillip


19.99$ USD SOLD



Fred Waterfield
Frederick L. Waterfield - Handwritten letter from the cousin and co-defendant of David A. Gore.  Letter is hand signed Be cool Fred
Original handwritten envelope is included it’s postmarked from 2001 with a total of 8 lines and is signed F.L Waterfield

12.99$ USD

7.99$ USD



Glen Rogers
The Cross-Country Killer." A rapidly rising star in the Serial Killer Hit List. Presently, he is in custody in Kentucky after being turned in by a relative. A charming, handsome and volatile individual, Glen was the focus of a all-points national manhunt due to his cross-country rampage that left at least four women dead in four separate states. The consummate ladies man, Glen liked to pick up blond and redheaded women in bars and ask them for a ride home. Then he would try to spend the night with them. All those charmed by his red-neck good looks are now stretched out in the morgue. The killings came usually as a drunken afterthought. Glen is an example of a spree killer who, unlike serial killers, does not have cooling off periods between kills. His killings were the consequence of impromptu bursts of rage.

This set is ideal for framing. Both letters and envelopes signed and dated from 2004.




Kendall Francois

Kendall Francois (born July 26, 1971) is a serial killer from Poughkeepsie, New York, convicted of killing eight known prostitutes, from 1996 to 1998. He is currently serving life in prison for his crimes.

This set is for a single page handwritten letter with original envelope from 2004. Both letter and envelope are signed.

8.99$ USD

4.99$ USD



Thomas Dee Huskey
Multiple Personalities: Crime and Defense
Zoo Man Killer handwritten 4 pages signed numerous times with full address. The orginal envelope is also included and is from 2008 with 9 lines penned by him. Original first page parrot drawing included!





Dr. Michael Swango

Michael Joseph Swango (born October 21, 1954, Tacoma, Washington, USA) was a physician who poisoned at least 30 of his patients and colleagues. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and is serving that sentence at ADX Florence.

Superbe trio includes a one page letter from the Department of Justice, 4 handwritten pages written from prison by Mr.Swango and the original handwritten envelope is also included and is postmarked 21 Dec 2005 and is signed in full Michael Swango.

49.99$ USD

29.99$ USD



Hadden Clark -Jessup Maryland

-Handwritten letter and envelope-

While Clark later claimed to have begun killing as a teenager, his first documented victim was his six-year-old neighbor, Michelle Dorr, whom he killed and cannibalized in May 1986. Clark was not considered a suspect at the time, however, as police initially suspected the girl's father. In 1992, he murdered Laura Houghteling, a young woman whose mother had given him a part-time gardening job. The local police, who had begun to suspect him for Michelle Dorr's murder, investigated him and arrested him within days.

This set includes an original handwritten 3 page letter from 2007 and it’s original envelope signed in full Hadden Clark with prison number and full address.


17.99$ USD

4.99$ USD



Valerie Lopez - Handwritten letter and envelope-

Valerie Lopez Confesses to Killing Her Two Children and Hiding Their Bodies Under Her Apartment

This is for a handwritten letter and envelope from Valerie. Get into the mind of a crazy women who killed her kids.  Envelope is signed V.Lopez and letter is signed Valerie


9.99$ USD



Wayne Garrison- Handwritten letter and envelope-

It is often said that murderers are the criminals least likely to repeat their crimes.
Does that statistic matter if you become the victim of one who bucks the trend?

Judge gives death sentence to child killer - (News OK) Wayne Henry Garrison, 43, convicted Dec. 3 of first-degree murder for the 1989 killing of Justin Wiles, whose remains were found at Lake Bixhoma in Wagoner County, just outside Tulsa.

This is for 8 handwritten pages by Wayne Garrison signed
in full Wayne Garrison. Original mailing envelope has an extra 7 lines written by him and is also signed in full with prison address.

19.99$ USD



Clifford Olson Greeting card and envelope-

This greeting card comes from Ste Anne Des Plaines and is signed Clifford in golden pen. Original typed envelope included! Have a Mery X-Mas and a Happy New year from 2004

9.99$ USD



Arthur John Shawcross Typed letter and envelope-

Arthur John Shawcross (June 6, 1945November 10, 2008[1]) was an American serial killer, also known as The Genesee River Killer in Rochester, New York.
He claimed most of his victims after being paroled early following a conviction in the killing of two children, which led to criticism of the justice system.

This is for 5 full typed pages by cannibal Arthur Shawcross who passed away in 2008 from cardiac arrest. Original typed envelope from Sullivan Facility included.

49.99$ USD

29.99$ USD



Edward Spreitzer- Handwritten letter and envelope-

Chicago Rippers was a satanic cult composed of Robin Gecht (who once worked for the serial killer John Wayne Gacy) and three associates (Edward Spreitzer with brothers Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis). They were suspected in the disappearances of 18 women in the streets of Chicago, Illinois. Gecht and his gang allegedly drove around in a van looking for prostitutes to sacrifice in Gecht's apartment. They claimed to have removed one breast from each victim and eaten it as Robin read passages of The Satanic Bible.
These men were arrested in 1982 for the stabbing of a teenaged prostitute. Although Gecht's associates and other witnesses implicated him in some of the deaths, investigators never had enough evidence to charge him with murder. Gecht is serving 120 years in Menard Correctional Center for mutilating and raping an 18-year-old prostitute.
Edward Spreitzer and Andrew Kokoraleis were sentenced to death. On March 16, 1999, 35-year-old Andrew Kokoraleis was executed by lethal injection at Tamms Correctional Center in Southern Illinois for the 1982 strangulation murder of Lorraine Borowski, a 21-year-old secretary at a real estate office who had been abducted on her way to work. Her mutilated body was found in a cemetery.

This is for 6 handwritten pages from Edward Spreitzer with original typed envelope from 2004. Nice intimate letter signed
yours always, Edward

14.99$ USD



Cleophus Prince Jr. - Handwritten letter and envelope-

Cleophus Prince Jr. (aka "The Clairemont" Killer) is an American serial killer who was convicted and sentenced to death in 1993 for the rapes and murders of six women in San Diego County, California during 1990.
Prince either lived near or had friends near the killing scenes. He was caught when a woman who was getting ready to shower heard someone picking her door lock. She escaped from a rear window and found a friend who came and confronted Prince. He excused himself, but the description led to his arrest.
The woman said he may have followed her from a local gym. All the previous victims had just left the gym, including a mother and daughter. Prince struck when he knew they would be showering and thus be less attentive to their surroundings. He later bragged about the double killing to a friend and took to wearing the dead woman’s wedding ring on a chain around his neck. [1][2] Prince, who is African-American, is unusual for serial killers of his race in that he killed victims of a different race.
Cleophus Prince, Jr., was arrested by an officer with the Birmingham Police Department after he was 'talked into' the East Precinct. He was transferred to San Diego, California, by Detectives from the San Diego Police Department.

This is for a two pages hanwritten by Cleophus Jr. all written in red ink. Original handwritten envelope included from 2003 that has a nice San Quentin prison stamp. Envelope is also written in red ink and is signed in full with7 lines written in his hand.


9.99$ USD


Frank Spisak or Frances Ann Spisak?
Handwritten letter and envelope-

You be the judge…

This is for a 2 page letter from 2007 with original handwritten envelope. Receipient address was scribbled by previous owner but both signatures are intact. Full signature on the envelope Miss Frances Anne Spisak with doodles.


29.99$ USD



Daniel Siebert Handwritten envelope signed in full
Serial killer Daniel Siebert dies of pancreatic cancer on Alabama's Death Row
Serial killer Daniel Siebert, who was convicted of five Alabama murders and who confessed to more than a dozen killings nationwide, died in prison Tuesday. The 53-year-old, who had pancreatic cancer, had been on Death Row for 21 years.

This is for a handwritten envelope for a handwritten envelope from 2004 stamped by Alabama State Prison and signed in full with 10 lines penned by Daniel Siebert.

29.99$ USD



Richard A. Davis- Handwritten letter and envelope-

Richard Allen Davis (born June 2, 1954) is a convicted murderer, whose criminal record fueled support for passage of California's "Three strikes law" for repeat offenders. He is currently on death row in San Quentin State Prison, California. He was convicted in 1996 of first-degree murder and four special circumstances (robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and a lewd act on a child) of 12-year-old Polly Klaas. Klaas was abducted October 1, 1993, from her Petaluma, California, home.

This is for one handwritten page letter from San Quentin Prison  with original handwritten envelope signed Richard Davis.

17.99$ USD




Hadden Clark

Personnal owned envelope in prison sent to Hadden Clark by CBH ministries. Hadden signed it in full with prison number 233181 and sent it to a penpal. Original one-of-kind signed in full envelope

9.99$ USD


Hadden Clark prison Manila envelope from Jessup Maryland with original prison sticker signed in full Hadden Clark 233181 –one-of-kind-

14.99$ USD

9.99$ USD



Hadden Clark prison booklet ‘’ Daily Devotions for the Deaf’’ this booklet was sent to Hadden in prison and was signed by him.

29.99$ USD




Handwritten Arthur Shawcross Manila envelope prison stamped with 10 lines penned in his hand. This is signed in Full Arthur J. Sahwcross!

39.99$ USD



Roy L. Norris Manila envelope from Corcoran Prison signed in full Roy L. Norris

14.99$ USD


Ottis Elwood Toole original framed and matted handprint signed Ottis Toole



Ottis Elwood Toole original handwritten BBQ receipe signed Ottis Elwood Toole twice with his full prison address at Florida State Prison and dated 9,29,92

249.99$ USD


Ottis Toole handwritten envelope in black ink signed Ottis Toole with complete return address

89.99$ USD


Hands of Death handwritten poem signed Ottis Toole and Juan Vega




Richard Norbert Clarey original masterpiece in ink

Over 100 hours to achieve signed in full on the back dated Richard Norbert Clarey

799.99$ USD


Henry Wallace prison owned G-Unit magazine with mail label


14.99$ USD


Peter Sutcliffe postcard signed Pete XXX




Eric Rudolph original FBI 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Poster

signed in full in black marker Eric R. Rudolph - Scarce

499.99$ USD


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