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Jack Trawick’s wish is finally going to get fulfilled today. The executed serial killer had begged for death penalty in the court during his trial. He had said that if he were not given a death sentence, he would end up killing a fellow prisoner or a prison worker. His wish was fulfilled and he was punished with death penalty. The courts gave their verdict in 1994. Trawick was given a death sentence for killing 21-year-old Stephanie Gach.

The execution date was passed by the Alabama Supreme Court and was set on 11th June 2009. 62-year-old Jack Trawick has been an Alabama Death Row inmate in the Holman Correctional Facility since May 11, 1994.

Trawick had confessed to the murder charges brought against him in his trial proceedings. In addition to this, he had also provided the names of his other victims. In 1992, he had abducted Stephanir Gach from the parking lot of her Irondale apartment. He had then tied her hands and taped her mouth.Later he had strangled her and stabbed her. He then got rid of the body of the young girl by dumping it in an illegal trash dump off Grants Mill Road.Four months prior to this incident, in June 1992, he had murdered 26-year-old Frances Aileen Pruitt. According to official reports,Trawick had stabbed her 53 times. The body of Frances was found behind Hill Crest Hospital.

Trawick had gained a lot of hype and undeserved attention when he set to publish and elaborate his heinous crimes in graphic comics on the internet, later the Alabama Legislature passed a law to put a stop to it.





Jack Trawick explicit 8.5 x 11 original pencil artwork of his disected victim - very graphic-

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By Jack Trawick

Jack Trawick original pencil artwork of his last gal signed J 2002

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Jack Trawick explicit 8.5 x 11 original pencil artwork of his disected victim stabbed in the back- very graphic-

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