Original Pop Art Paintings

Acrylic on canvas

Original Pop Art Paintings


Original acrylic painting by U.S and Canadian artists including
Frank Weber and Ralf Uiker worldwide true crime artists.
Painted on streched or flat thin canvas each piece is
signed and numbered as a Limited Edition.


Original Pop Art Paintings

Limited Edition



Charles Manson Life ATWA

Charles Manson original 8 x 10 acrylic painting on canvas signed by the artist

Limited and numbered #3 of 5

199.99$ USD



Original Fidel Castro painting on Canvas
This beautiful painting is on half inch thick canvas and is 8 x 10
Signed on the back Ralf Uicker and numbered 4 of 10

Original acrylic on canvas
By Ralf Uicker

Limited and numbered #2 of 5

199.99$ USD




Ian Brady & Myra Hindley acrylic on canvas

179.99$ USD



James Huberthy acrylic on canvas

269.99$ USD



Original Che Guverra painting on canvas

This beautiful painting is made of acrylic paint and  is an original on
8 x 10 canvas. Signed on the back Ralf Uicker 1 of 10

199.99$ USD



Saddam Hussein acrylic on canvas

259.99$ USD



Al Pacino - Scarface acrylic on canvas

159.99$ USD



Killer Clown - IT acrylic on canvas




Redrum painting by KOZIK



David Berkowitz - Son of Sam portrait acrylic on canvas

179.99$ USD



Armin Meiwes close-up portrait acrylic on canvas

399.99$ USD



REDRUM 11 x 14 Acrylic on canvas signed

by Weber

299.99$ USD